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How it is necessary to choose and keep products? You Know

why in all country spoke to go to the " market; and in Odessa - to do a market ? Because inhabitants of Odessa - yes, DO a market. There were many collective-farm markets, but the Supply was and will remain the king of the markets. And on the Supply it is impossible to make a market trotting with the list of products. On the Supply were bought gradually and captiously. The goods looked round, sniffed, tried out, obshchupyvatsya, tapped: the Odessa hostesses were accustomed from grandmothers - great-grandmothers competently to choose products. And it is correct to keep with such eagerness the bought good it god ordered!

In my memory Odessa and remained the legendary Supply surrounded with Deribasovska, Fountains, Arkadiya, Chumka and the other city. Ah, Supply! Whether it will happen once again?

And however what disturbs me? Went to do a market ? I will come on the Supply from that party where the most interesting - live products. You hear a zapoloshny cackle? There hens and ducks, geese, turkeys, guinea fowls. For some reason they were sold always in couples. Also it is proud dragged production in a hand for the connected paws.

- About! - inhabitants of Odessa spoke, - this is yes made a good market!

- Madam, Vee to exchange to a zvynyayta, and sho gave Vee for curia?

- to Ida Vee you see curia? Wax that! From for Romanians of Boulia smoke, so smoke that! That smoke the Hib!

How I will define a good chicken or a duck? And I will feel a guzitsa: if fat, means good got. In a birdie her youth is important - I will inflate plumelets, I will look at skin on color - has to be zheltenky. I will feel skin - at young it thin and soft. I will grope a kilevy stone - it has to be flexible. Meat under a thin skin has to cave in when pressing. You are not interested in a live bird - then the same concerns also an uboinka. I will not take chicken weighing more than one and a half kilograms, a duck - more than two, a goose from 2 to 2. 5, a turkey weighing over three - four. All that from above - precisely from the evil.

I will determine a healthy live rabbit by gloss of a hair and humidity of a nose. Eyes should not be muddy. And the beaten rabbit gets out on color of meat - it has to be pink, with a fat in a groin, soft when pressing. The meat of a crawl is more dark, the it is more senior and is more rigid.

Here nearby and egg row. How I will begin to choose eggs? In - the first stirring - there nothing has to dangle and gurgle. Skorlupka of fresh egg has to shine equally from all directions. If color of a shell dim, opaque - egg old, yolky. At raying of squirrels of fresh egg transparent, and zheltochek it is located precisely in the middle. I love eggs of almost brownish color, but white do not differ on quality. If the skorlupka of egg too thin, so mother of this egg ate not organic chemistry, but tablets. Choose with a tolstenky shell.

A special sanctuary of the Supply - the fish case. And whom it disturbed? We choose fish by a nose, eyes and fingers. The smell should not be very fish. Fish has to smell of rather sea or river water, than by itself. We lift up to fish of a cheek and we watch gills: in them there should not be a slime, color a zhaber has to be uniform from darkly - red to pink (in case blood is let out). Let`s look to fish in eyes - they have to be clear, as at the young pioneer on the oath, and a little goggle. Fish has to have a flat tummy. That is why I do not like to take the drawn fish - easy to be deceived in freshness. But if to have to take and such, then I know a secret: I press on a back skin before formation of a pole and I look - rather a pole will be leveled, the better.

I choose honey by means of an indelible pencil - I do a drop on skin and I take on it a slate pencil. If there is a violet trace, so honey artificial and the owner - the tramp: fed bees with sugar. It is not medical

In the dairy case the secrets. All know how it is easy to forge sheep sheep cheese. To distinguish sheep sheep cheese from cow, it is enough to smell a product and to look on a section. Sheep sheep cheese more fatly - brilliant also smells slightly differently. Cow does not smell of anything. Sour cream has to be equal color, absolutely uniform. Cottage cheese has to be without lumps, friable, not have a pungent smell. Oil and milk except as cannot be checked for taste.

I determine fruit and vegetables by degree of a nalitost and existence of a smell. Many hostesses consider as quality of potato its friability. It is wrong: friability - an indicator of poor quality of potatoes, shortage of starch in it. Do not take tubers with greenish coloring and too large. For seasoning of soups choose old potatoes, and for second courses - than more young. Carrots the are more red, the best quality. Avoid large korenyev. Right there on the Supply you will be told: sho zanadto, it is not sensible! Fruit have to smell of fruit, their surface should not shine as soldier`s boots. You choose berries on degree of a maturity and on dryness. At the choice of vegetables or fruit try to choose local products, but not imported, usually removed immature. Worminess existence just indicates natural quality and ripeness of fruit. Ripe good fruit can be nadklyunuta birds. A worm and a birdie - the first Quality Department of quality of fruit.

We will consider a market made. Now we will correctly keep products. We begin with meat - birds: fresh meat is stored in the refrigerator 2 days, but if to oil it vegetable, then and 3. It is stored in the freezer before half a year, there is a product vymorazhivaniye further. The repeated defrosting of meat is not recommended. (As well as oil, sausages, cheeses) it is better to freeze fat meat in a foil, fast - in polyethylene or plastic containers under covers. It is better to freeze boiled meat, languages, ham, a bird in a small amount of broth. It is possible to store fresh fish 1 days. It is desirable to wash out, dry and sprinkle lemon juice. It is necessary to freeze it well dried.

Sausages, ham, smoked products are stored at most 4 days, in the freezer till 12 days. Eggs store no more than 2 weeks, but if to paper everyone and periodically to overturn, then it is possible to hold on also to 3. We store vegetable oil in the dark place in slightly slightly opened look that did not turn rancid.

We store cheeses in closed bank with a sugar piece. Sheep cheese well remains in damp fabric in a wax paper or in bank under a cover. Yolks well remain in water. Never we store canned food in cans - surely we shift them in glass or porcelain.

Grain and loose products demand special storage too. For prevention of worms with grain, peas, haricot we will enclose a garlic segment in a peel in banks. We store densely closed banks in the dark place. We do not store sugar with strongly smelling products - it quickly absorbs a smell. It is good to throw into sugar and salt several grains of rice for moisture absorption. Well also the leaf of a blotter or a napkin works. Starch is stored a hermetically sealed container in the dark, it is desirable to store tea in porcelain.

I already in detail described storage of vegetables and fruit in article about friendship of the refrigerator with products. Now several cunnings are simple. It is better to store bananas not in a sheaf, and separately. Lemons are stored in cold water. And the started lemon will not dry if to store it a cut on vinegar in a saucer. The peeled apple well will remain in cold water. To smooth wrinkles at faded apple, lower it for a couple of hours in cold water. Cowberry, a cranberry are stored so: you fill in with cold boiled water for 3 days, then you merge this water and you fill in new. It can be stored in the dark cool place or in the refrigerator.

The radish well remains fresh if to lower it greens in cold water. Carrots long do not fade if to spray it infusion of an onions peel. It is better to store tomatoes up buttocks. The unused bulb should be oiled and turned in a film. It is better to melt the butter beginning to turn rancid completely or just to refresh by heating with an onions segment. Garlic is well stored in a glass jar in the processed look if from above it is filled in with a layer of vegetable oil. It is better to store boiled vegetables in the dried look. Grated horse-radish will longer remain and will not darken if to fill in it with vinegar. Fresh mushrooms well transfer a deep freeze and do not lose either the aroma, or taste.

Greens are perfectly frozen. I reserve greens so: small I cut couple of pounds of any greens. I turn in the small portions in a foil in the form of sausages, I place in a plastic zip - a bag together with a label and I freeze. Sometimes just I place chopped greens with a small amount of water in molds for ice. (Passing sekretik - it is good to wipe with such cube the face which is steamed out by hot water or steam, and then to smear with simple sour cream. Not to wash away a mask, and to get wet. Try, be convinced: skin - as buttocks at the baby!) Fresh greens I store in a napkin in p / Y a zip - a bag with air or in a glass jar.

Bakery products either are frozen, or stored in a bread box with a piece of fresh apple. Having bought hot bread in plastic packing, surely open a package and let`s dry out to evaporations of the test. Your pies long will be fresh if you place a piece of apple, a handful of salt or a piece of crude potatoes nearby. Divide yeast or puff pastry into pieces, pack into polyethylene and freeze how many you want. After an ottayka it again as is fresher. Puff pastry only benefits from a freezing.

I do not advise to carry out a fast defrosting of products in a microwave. At natural thawing more vitamins remain.

Not for nothing in the people speak: expensively - it is lovely, cheap - decayed. And my mother liked to speak: you is what you eat. And still: yours - only what you ate. From the life experience I advise all: it is better to buy less products, but the best quality and it is better to eat less (we do not need to eat so much how many we eat - we feed the eyes, but not a stomach!) but quality products. And it will cost us, the word of honor, is cheaper, than it is a lot of cheap low-quality products. We know now how to prolong life of our excellent products, and it is huge economy. At us nothing will grow mouldy, will become rotten, will go to a garbage can as decay. We save on a right choice of a product and on the correct storage.

Here an example on fingers: we love fresh cucumbers. I daily take only 2 cucumbers of organic - it is not necessary to us more. These are about 50 - 70 cents. My neigbour takes 2 - 3 pounds cheaper, on 69 cents for pound, eats one, and for tomorrow her cucumber stock all shrank and grew mouldy. Who won? Therefore I wish pleasure pleasant to all from the skillful choice and storage of products. Eat fine and on health. Yours is only what you ate.]