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How to subdue the man? Several nuances - also it is yours.

a Weak half of mankind - it is so accepted to call us, women. Whether such weak, or capable to disarm the strongest man, having forced it to be defenseless before female weaknesses? How each of us applies them, we will hold back - for the benefit. But for those who still did not sweetheart to themselves the darling and those who want to remain forever one and only, I will prompt several councils concerning features of communication with aliens .

1. Learn to listen to the man - and you learn a lot of things about him, his desires and habits. The understanding that it was heard is important for the man, as well as for the woman. Female garrulity often irritates him. Do not forget that everyone likes to speak about himself and to discuss what is interesting to it. Listen to what is interesting to your man.

2. When you ask the man about something, consider that he can do only one serious work at present: either to read the newspaper, or to listen. We often take offense why the man does not hear us when he watches the telecast etc. It is connected with the fact that the configuration of a brain of the man (unlike female where there is a bigger number of nervous connections, and also availability of women`s hormone of estrogen which promotes formation of bigger number of such connections) does not allow it to carry out several cases owing to the small number of nervous connections between the left and right hemispheres at once.

Therefore do not distract the man (not to enter disgrace) if he is busy. You can tell only politely that it is necessary to you when it is released, without going into details.

3. Do not take offense at not verbosity of men. Having carried out scanning of a brain, scientists came to an unanimous conclusion that the brain is as if divided into specific sites. Each site is responsible for a certain kind of activity or function. At absence in a brain of the special area connected with a certain kind of activity, the person usually is by nature not inclined to it, does not feel pleasure from the corresponding occupations. The matter is that the woman has two areas of management of the speech - in the left and right hemisphere that allows it to own excellently the word, quickly, easily to speak.

Men have no special department of the speech, the left side of a brain manages the speech. The only case when the man is talkative, it having fairly drunk alcohol. However I do not recommend to abuse this method.

Do not regard the man`s hmykanye as insufficient attention to you, accusing him that he does not listen to you.

4. Accept that fact that when the man has problems, he retires into oneself unlike us, women who need to be uttered. Do not stick with inquiries. You have to understand that silence of the man does not mean his discontent with something, and only the fact that he silently talks to himself, considering an exit from current situation. Only having found the answer, he will start talking or will quicken.

5. That the man listened to you, tell him a topic of conversation in advance. To convince or persuade the man, you speak with him simply and introduce only one idea over which he should think. Cannot follow diversity of the female speech of the man therefore try to use men`s structure: to accurately state an essence and to draw conclusions, otherwise the man will regard conversation from a position of the fact that you do not know what you speak about. And here in eloquence and an interlacing of characters and motives come off in explanations with women. Otherwise, if the woman conducts several lines of conversation, then the man loses a thread of conversation and interest in it.

Do not interrupt the man during conversation. He can either speak, or listen.

6. Do not accuse the man of loss of consciousness only because externally he does not like to show the emotions. The man listens as a statue while the woman on average can use six looks. Actually the man experiences so strong emotions, as well as the woman. The fearlessness mask which is put on by the man allows it to feel owning a situation, but does not testify to lack of emotions at it at all.

7. Men perceive words literally, trust each told word and react respectively. Therefore, having decided to embellish or exaggerate only for the sake of tag reflect in what it can do to pour out . The man in dispute insists on the accuracy of formulations, and the woman tries to press emotionally. If you want to get the best in dispute with the man, then it is necessary to argue logically, introducing only one idea.

8. Do not give advice to the man when he about it does not ask you. For it it is important to cope with a problem most not to feel like the loser or the clumsy.

9. Most important, perhaps: women, not you saw men! So it was moved that they were and want to be the first, strong, always on the ball and do not transfer criticism. Criticizing, you call men in question in their importance for you that contradicts their biological being. Deserved praise and approval to men will bring closer you to the desired purpose.

10. Of course, I cannot avoid all the known council: the way to heart of the man lies through a stomach. I offer you the recipe of cakes with a stuffing, having tried which, the man will not be able just to resist you.

Small baskets with a stuffing

It will be required by

to b:

for the test

2. 5th glass of flour;

0. 5th packs of margarine;

2 eggs;

2 tablespoons of sour cream;

0. 5 h spoon of soda;

0. 5 h spoon of salt;

of 4 h. sugar spoons;

for a stuffing

3 eggs hard-boiled;

of 100 g of crabsticks;

of 100 g of firm cheese;

0. 5th package of mayonnaise.


In a bowl to fill flour, to grate margarine on a beet grater. To carefully grind all this hands to homogeneous mass. To add eggs, sour cream, salt, sugar, extinguished kefir (boiled water or vinegar) soda. To vent everything hands until dough does not lag behind almost hands, hands in the course of a vymeshivaniye it is possible to sprinkle with flour.

Dough is imposed in the small baking cups which are previously oiled sunflower - at a rate of one dessertspoon; warms up on form volume. The prepared stuffing is inside put: small cut eggs, crabsticks, the cheese grated on a beet grater mixed with mayonnaise.

of the Small basket are baked in previously warmed oven of minutes 10 - 15 to a yellowish shade.

To you, dear men, I wish to learn and understand diversity and romanticism of female nature to find harmony and beauty of relationship, you, as well as we, women, you wish to love and be darlings. The mutual, devoted and filled love bowls all!]