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Why to the grandmother computer?

A and truth, why to the grandmother computer? How you imagine the grandmother most often? And how it is traditionally represented in literature and pictures? The old woman with a knitting sits - knits socks, jackets, reads or tells grandsons of the fairy tale, or bakes pies for holidays. But in our century of cosmic speeds and unprecedented progress everything changed, and grandmothers too. Of course, and grandmothers strongly looked younger now, sometimes become them in 35 - 40 years, as they say, in the blossoming of forces. But I, of course, say not about these young grandmothers, and about what is much more senior, and whom a century of a computerization overtook already at a retirement age.

Modern young people and middle age people do not think of the life without all these pleasant things - the computer, the Internet, the mobile phone, etc. Children of years with 4 - 5 freely use equipment miracles! Earlier kids reached for books - only will leave diapers, asks to show the book! and now they reach for equipment. Here look - at pictures as kids master computers!

Let it is comic shots, but they are near from truth...

And all this seems to much of our generation incomprehensibly difficult. The grandmother or the grandfather with the mobile phone can be seen already rather often, especially in big cities, and here the computer for the majority of them remains a thing difficult achievable in every sense. I tried to look for on the Internet of the schoolmates and classmates on university and on odnoklassniki. ru and on vkontakte. ru - anywhere anybody! Yes, I keep in contact on correspondence by mail with many schoolmates and I know that from our class only one uses the computer, and that because still works in Society of blind people the secretary, and sponsors equipped their office with fine computers and other appliances.

At my close friend, the classmate on university, the husband bought the computer and learned to work at it though is more senior than us for 5 years. He successfully wrote the book by means of the computer, very well mastered Photoshop - restored old, still pre-revolutionary family photos - turned out just remarkably! Now is engaged in what transfers old videos to a digital format. He says that he is very keen on the computer, stays behind it till several hours a day. But, unfortunately, did not master the Internet, this fine means of communication and communication. And my girlfriend does not even approach the computer. Speaks: And what for? I understand nothing there, to me is uninteresting . I am surprised to it, the girlfriend always was the best, the clear head - graduated from school with a gold medal, university with the diploma with honors, the candidate of science and the associate professor in not it the remote past. And as it would be exciting to communicate through computer communication, especially when between us distances become huge. Mailings, unfortunately, go very slowly, and even in general often vanish.

I do not represent life without computer and the Internet now. As Laura writes, you will wake up and instead of charging turn on the computer, earlier, than will make coffee. I began to master this the most difficult organism in 1998. Then I arrived once again to the USA, to the son. My husband wrote small memoirs about the sea life, made the last records in only two weeks prior to death. Very much asked, probably, having a presentiment of fast leaving, to put its records in order, to edit. Also wanted that the son printed everything on the computer. I undertook the press. The son showed how to include this, such difficult for me, " car; what buttons to press how to use a mouse, etc. Once I printed on the typewriter a little, and here everything was much simpler, typographical errors easily improved, the computer itself even specified them if not so wrote something. Generally, for few months (long! yes practice was not absolutely) I typed the book of the husband in the computer, and we printed the first 4 copies.

Having come back home, to St. Petersburg, I decided that it is necessary to write also to me the book about the childhood, school and student`s days, family life, say, the chronicle on the " type; My XX century . The village for the typewriter - the computer was not yet. But you get used to good quickly, and after the computer old Lyubava seemed archaism. Lit up idea to buy the computer, the most cheap, without frills . You understand, to the Russian pensioner moreover the widow to make it it was difficult. But the son finished study, began to work and gave mother a smart gift - the computer! As I mastered it - both laughter and tears. Terribly was afraid of breakages, at each failure called the senior grandson to Veliky Novgorod - he was already an experienced user, studied at university - or to Gatchina, to the daughter-in-law brother. Bought several different grants For teapots and even Encyclopedia . And, as they say, not gods burn pots !.

Gradually business took a turn for the better. Began even to play some games, and to display solitaires - lovely occupation, however, remained to time for it a little. Mastered a simple risovalka of Paint, the Internet, then and Skype, etc. About herself and the family wrote the book in two years, I think that with the typewriter it would borrow time in two longer. Even inserted photos. The book turned out the A4 format of 150 pages. Bought the printer and the scanner, printed also the, and the book of the husband, for all close relatives bound our memoirs (gave to a binding workshop). The fine gift turned out! Now let children and grandsons continue to write sort history.

And what interesting world opened for me thanks to the Internet! My admiration does not have a limit! Especially I estimated all this, leaving from St. Petersburg to the USA more than for half a year the second time in a row. The main thing - unlimited access to information. Moshkov and Komarov`s libraries with a set of books, archives of movies, a weather forecast, the latest news in online newspapers, the various websites! Really, the world without borders! And now also our fine Internet - the Life magazine in which I so like to communicate! Or, here tell, unless not a miracle - I open Skype, I press buttons - we arrange conference: we talk all family, one son in Gatchina, another in Houston, at work, the grandson in St. Petersburg and I at once! Or to me on Skype often there are Klaipeda my former schoolgirls, too talk - and all together, and separately. If I was told about it about 15 years ago - would not believe that I will live before. And recently the grandson told me: The Grandmother, I am proud that you at us such advanced ! Here! And I so to it was glad!

In conclusion I want to tell all writing and reading our magazine - teach the grandmothers, grandfathers, mothers-in-law and mothers-in-law to use the computer, present them this pleasure. And your life will become easier too - neither at the mother-in-law, nor the mother-in-law will have no time to grumble on you and to butt in your life! Good luck all!]