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Lay down with me nearby, mother?

practice a joint dream of mother and child more and more Recently. And if earlier doctors forbade it, claiming that then to the school it is necessary to suffer that it can develop the Oedipus complex at boys, then nowadays the majority of them stands up for this type of rest. Than it is better than a dream separate?

In - the first, it is considered that such way of a dream improves a mother`s lactation as the child all the time is nearby.

In - the second, at such dream mother is tired of night feedings much less. Especially it is convenient if the child on breastfeeding: slightly opened eyes, gave a breast, the child ate, put him, fell asleep. From the experience I can tell, as when finding the child on artificial feeding it is together much more convenient to sleep with him. Yes, it is necessary to rise all the same (to prepare mix), but after eats, the child instantly falls asleep, having nestled on a warm mother`s hand, and it is not necessary to rock to sleep him long, and then to put in a bed, being afraid to wake at the same time.

In - the third, it is considered that the kid sleeps more tight and quietly near mother, he is tormented less by gripes. Of course, it was the whole nine months with mother a whole, and at a joint dream it continues to feel this integrity, and respectively and it has less reasons for concern. And time the child sleeps stronger, and mother gets enough sleep much better. At gripes you, without rising, at once you can put it a tummy on the tummy, a way checked and effective.

But so little child, fragile, and mother and the father such big, object some, they easily can crush him in a dream. However, if you sensitively sleep and hear each rustle of the child, even when it in a bed, and most of mothers sleep sensitively, despite a constant sleep debt, really you will not feel something if the child is near you on a bed? At first, of course it is better to sleep as follows: the child at a wall, mother in the middle, and the father as his dream everything is not such sensitive as at mother, with edge. Besides, among themselves and the child it is possible to put the roller rolled from a blanket. And after half a year - the child already quite big and will not allow to crush to you himself, can put safely it in the middle, only get a bed wide that to all three there was enough space.

And how sex? - opponents of a joint dream are not appeased - the child will disturb!

Will not be. If the harmonious relations if the husband and the wife wish proximity, they surely find a way in a family. At us here with the husband the following practices. In the evening I go with the son to bed, I embrace him and I wait until he falls asleep, after that the child is shifted in the bed, and we with the husband can enjoy quietly with each other then the kid sleeps in mother`s again, in father`s embraces. It is also possible to find time and at a day dream of the child if at the father in this day off. If at night you are afraid to wake yours the baby rearrangements, then it is possible to be displaced on a floor, having laid a soft blanket there, so you also will avoid casual scratches of a bed. Generally, there is a lot of ways, there would be a desire.

And about the Oedipus complex - according to statements of psychologists, through it there pass all boys in a certain age irrespective of, they slept with mother in the first year of the life or without her.

Besides, there is a wish to mention that to school nobody had to sleep with the child, at the age of two - two and a half years children begin to demand own space. And if it does not occur, you can quite entice the child into his bed beautiful bed linen, an original night lamp, a favourite toy. Ways very effective - it is checked.

Sweet to you dreams.]