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Course of young mother: how all to be in time?

U you the kid appeared! Also free time was gone... and if to be absolutely honest - it began not to be enough at all. Admit, you already had to forget to brush the hair or brush teeth? Too it was necessary to me, but I managed to be involved. To help you?

For a start it is necessary to understand firmly that now there are affairs which should be done daily and SURELY. They concern your child: he should be fed, he should do massage, with it it is necessary to walk. You should not refuse also the healthy nutrition, changing it for fast having a snack what will come to hand: you want to keep a lactation?

There is also one more important issue: cleaning of the apartment, is necessary for the kid purity. Concerning cleaning I can advise the following: it is not necessary to try to clean in one day completely all apartment: you will not be in time, only you will exhaust. Break cleaning in parts: today I will vacuum, I will remove dust, tomorrow I will clean a bathroom. Floors, if in the house there are no animals and to you do not go constantly in large numbers guests, it is enough to wipe once a week. Only take for the rule that you will do it in some certain day: on Friday I HAVE TO wash the floors because if you postpone, the principle cleaning in parts will come to naught, at you one affairs will begin to be imposed on others therefore you will cease to be in time something.

Now we will stop on a linen ironing. Often in magazines it is possible to meet councils that there is no need to iron children`s clothes, a pier now earlier the linen was not such high quality, there were no first-class washing machines with effect of boiling, erased children`s soap, but not special children`s powders, here and it was necessary to iron, now there is no need to trouble itself and to spend already precious time. Everyone, of course, decides independently that it is necessary and that it is absent to the child, but I held the opinion that the son should iron clothes. - that we in crumpled do not go, and the child, so in neglazheny clothes we will dress?

It is the most convenient to iron when the kid sleeps. I preferred to do it at six in the morning, after the first feeding. It agrees, rather early, but during the day it will be wanted to sleep all the same irrespective of, in six you got up or in eight (after eight of my son never woke up) therefore it was simpler to me to iron all linen (and it collected very much as I practically did not use disposable diapers) while the child sleeps and I should not be broken off between it and the iron, and later to have a sleep with it during a day dream, than to rise with it in eight, also without having slept and to iron clothes during a day dream of the kid. I think at many of mothers such schedule: rise and ironing at six in the morning will cause horror, but believe, it will proceed short because the kid will very quickly grow up, will learn independently though for some time to be engaged in toys, and then the ironing can be postponed from early morning for that time when the kid plays.

Now we will talk about washing of ware. It is the best of all to wash it right after food, but not just to put in a sink. Sometimes it seems to mothers that now is once, it is necessary to eat and run quicker to the kid. Believe, on washing of your plate thirty seconds will leave, during this time nothing happens to the kid, and here if you save mountains of dirty ware - then you should spend for them plenty of time for which rebenokvash will manage to miss and will begin to cry. If you ate not one, but houses at this time there was a husband or the grandmother ran on a visit why don`t you ask them to wash the dishes? Really will refuse to young mother at whom the mouth is full of cares?

Well and about cooking. It is thought that your husband will understand you if for a while you lay aside a culinary delicacy and you will prepare something more simply and quicker. It is the most convenient to prepare, by the way, in the evening when your child already sleeps. At this time it is possible to put washing of the linen which is saved up in a day and as all the same it will be necessary to wait for its termination, to build what you will eat tomorrow.

Thus, an ironing - so far the child still sleeps, washing and cooking - when the child already sleeps, and cleaning during the day - at most an hour, and at you remains still a great lot of time for communication with your kid.]