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Whether the computer is entertaining? Part II

I Continue the trilogy Whether the computer Is entertaining? Before you the II part. In the I part I stopped the narration on signals.

Why signals are necessary? Quite natural question.

Each signal can bear some information. Alarm clock call - it is a signal It is time to rise! The Call in a hall - Open a door! Phone call - Take the call! Calls - these are sound signals . Very important point! If not to know it, it is possible not to answer incidentally the phone call, or not to open a door. Not without reason the book is called Entertaining » computer;. For someone the &ndash computer; it is the whole world. And for whom it not so - for this purpose here that whole world which for some the computer is is described.

But the person can understand not only them . Aha, still for certain there are visual signals, olfactory, tactile, well and … well, you guessed.

People have five sense organs. This sight, hearing, touch, sense of smell and taste . About! Yes I as in water looked!

Language will give a signal that a lemon - sour, and &ndash jam; sweet. Having touched the iron a finger (And it is even better language!), it is possible to learn, it is included or switched off (My God what authors of this book teach children to?!) only before to do it, ask mother to show how it is necessary to do it correctly . And, well, turn on the iron and ask mother to touch it. Well, allegedly for check, it is included or not.

Otherwise the painful burn can become for you an unpleasant signal that it is necessary to steer clear of the iron . Right! And actually all differently! The painful burn got by mother, on the contrary will serve as a pleasant signal that to the iron it is worth keeping closer!

Sense organs give us information constantly. Sound signals develop in the speech thanks to which people transfer information each other. Most of all information is given by sight. If eyes are open, then through them the huge number of information on a form and color of objects arrives (Faugh, thank God, not about a smell and taste! Well, you understand what can be expected from authors of this book), about where they are, and even how they move (very important upon transition through the road to look at first on the left, and then to the right) .

In a word, all information arriving to the person consists of signals . It is a pity that I lived already such most part of life, and still did not learn truth of the present information arriving to me and all to me to similar beings!

The Person receives these signals, processes and, either executes, or remembers . Lie. Here, for example, if you slightly - slightly drank and you are asked to make something, and you cannot make it (in view of an interesting state), it turns out, having woken up in the morning, you will run to do it, having in due time remembered what to you was told by drinking companions yesterday? I doubt.

How many to information to the person it is necessary? My God, I was already tired. I will remind that the book from which I consider fragments regarding usefulness here is called Entertaining » computer;. Therefore, what logically, in it has to be told interestingly. And to be told about the computer. Meanwhile - that I do not see not the first, the second. Well, as they say in the legendary movie with Nikulin in a leading role: Let`s look for!

Tell, please, where information at a lesson give more: in the first class or in the fifth? If you consider that in the fifth, then why to first graders not to go to the fifth class? There they will obtain more information and will quicker graduate from school. It appears, not everything is so simple. In the fifth class will really give more information, but the pupil will accept it no more, and it is less. The person is so arranged that he is protected from unnecessary, unclear and unpleasant information . How it so? It owes it either execute, or remember!!!

It passes by it. It cannot process it, so, cannot remember and turn into knowledge . And - and - and … And I - that thought why so silly fifth-graders …

For information which cannot be understood and acquired scientists thought up very exact word - noise. The geography lesson in the fifth class, probably, will be pleasant to the first grader, and here the mathematics lesson for it can become information noise and will be turned a deaf ear. If you love modern music, and mother asks to switch off this noise it is necessary to understand that different music bears different information. And it not because music bad or mother it is not pleasant . And because mother this music HATES it! Or authors have other explanation?

Just mother at this moment can be ready for processing of other information, and your music for it - noise even if music sounds absolutely quietly. It is not usual noise, but information . Well - and - and … And it is the book for children … I already got confused … Understood only one: this book - it is INFORMATION NOISE!

You Can make courageous experiment. Dip candy into mustard and try that turned out. Noise from mustard will turn out such strong that you do not receive any tasty signals from sweet candy . Yes these authors also extremely cruel! Imagine, you here bought 7 years the sonny a joy this book, he reads all this, eats … He Will tell you for this book thanks ?

And if it was your first candy in life, then in memory false information that &ndash candies would for a long time be saved; bitter . Aha, only what parent will begin to feed the children with candies with mustard? Though … Poor children of authors of this book …

First conclusions.

to the Person is difficult to consume information. It can do it in only very small portions. Any overload turns information into noise, and it becomes useless, that is does not turn into knowledge . He agrees. With everything he agrees. Only, authors, stop to rustle!

It is difficult for Person to process information. He is tired of it. Many can play computer games for days on end. But try to write every day the composition on new computer games. It will very quickly bother you . I am a student 2 courses of prestigious higher education institution, however I could not find logic in this paragraph (as well as sense of the name of the book). Perhaps to me 7 - the summer child will help?

The Person can be mistaken . Authors of this book this statement proved once again the humanity.

From - for information noise it can incorrectly process information and turn it into false knowledge (remember about bitter candy).

The person is biased . Definition of the word objectivity take place in the 10th class. This book is written for children.

If information coincides with his personal opinion, it accepts, processes and acquires it very easily. If information is unpleasant to it, it acquires it with great difficulty and a lot of things disregard. The person cannot long store information. If not to consolidate knowledge by continuous exercises, they are very quickly forgotten . Very simple conclusion: to remember that you were asked to make when you were tipsy it is worth squatting only from time to time on 15 times. And, probably, as authors of the book « consider; Life Lessons for inquisitive … fie, that is books Entertaining » computer; it will help to remember and satisfy a request in the morning. Very actually.

Here on it I finish the second part of the trilogy Whether the computer Is entertaining? Summing up the results, I will report that this part, from my point of view, was much more difficult for understanding children. Even I in the text of authors managed to get confused. And it is absolutely unclear why the book was called Entertaining » computer;? Well, for example, name Tiresomely about life would be much more truthful.