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What way in sport there passed Evgeny Misyulya?

Having sat down at a coffee table on which sports diaries, photo albums, medals and booklets, the Honoured Master of Sports of the international class three times participating in the Olympic Games on track and field athletics were already spread out, the prize-winner of the European championships and the world on sports walking Evgeny Misyulya took the first diary and the story

" led; I Began to train in 1979, then I did not go yet, and ran. Two years my results did not improve, and the trainer suggested me to try sports walking. At me it turned out, and since 1981 I became walker .

Three years later I made a speech at the Goodwill Games which are taking place in Moscow. I took the second place there. It was my first good performance. After the Moscow competitions I ascended to the podium every year, but the World Cups of 1991 and 1995 were the most memorable starts. Then I finished the fourth twice, and after the finish, already in a locker room, the trainer approached me and said that removed the going ahead walker. I did not trust his words, but when I stood on a pedestal, understood that I became the third.

Also 1988 was remembered to me. In - the first, the son`s birth, and in - the second, getting into the Guinness Book of Records. This Olympic year I for the first time in the world showed result better 1. 19. 00 at a distance of 20 km. To me so quickly still nobody went therefore I was the first, who for so long existence of sports walking left this time as they say.

For my career there were also funny moments. For example, in 1991 after competitions in Germany while I had a rest, walkers exchanged my form for the Italian. But nobody knew that I need to speak at one more competitions. When learned, it turned out that I to act have nothing. Then Alexander Potashev gave me the form which was couple sizes more. It was absolutely inconvenient to go, but the exchanged form still lies at home.

Here remembered one more history. There was it in training camps in Cyprus. We during training came on a neutral zone where there were troops of the UN. Long we were not there - we were overtaken by the jeep and literally for a couple of minutes of all soldiers with automatic machines surrounded. Began to explain to us that it is forbidden to be here, after small discussion brought us home, and all situation was settled by the consul from embassy.

My sports career in 2004, after performance at the Olympic Games in Athens ended. In Minsk me, to Alexander Glavatsky and Igor Astapkovich arranged farewell from big-time sports. But we remained in track and field athletics, only as trainers.

Now I teach children to walking and is very glad that did not leave big-time sports but only changed a shirt. I love the work, but most of all I will rejoice if I achieve, success not only on a sports path, but also in trainer`s role .

Having put on a table the last photo from wires, Evgeny Misyulya finished the story about the sports life.]