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Why Kuzma Kryuchkov became in Russia the most famous hero of World War I?

in the years of World War I a name of Kuzma Kryuchkov were known to all Russia. The gallant Cossack flaunted on posters and leaflets, tissue packs and post cards, his portraits and drawings representing his feat published in newspapers and magazines. And the Cossack in the first days of war in fight with the German cavalrymen near the Polish town of Kalvariya caused a stir.

The Cossack sentry patrol headed by it engaged with group of the German cavalrymen and as it is written down in prize documents, Kuzma Kryuchkov during cavalry fight personally cut a checker and pinned up peep 11 people. It is trusted hardly, but also forgery in the Cossack prize documents is improbable.

Here is how Kryuchkov described this fight:

Hours we at ten in the morning went from the city of Kalvariya to Aleksandrovo`s manor. Us was four - I and my companions: Ivan Shchegolkov, Vasily Astakhov and Mikhail Ivankov. Began to rise on a hill and came across the German travel in 27 people, among their officer and an unter - the officer. At first Germans were frightened, but then got on us. However we met them with firmness and laid several people. Dodging from attack, we had to be separated. I was surrounded by eleven people. Not tea to be live, I decided to sell the life expensively. A horse at me mobile, obedient. Wanted to use a rifle, but hurriedly the boss dropped in, and at this time the German rubanut me on hand fingers, and I threw a rifle. Grabbed a checker and began to work. Got several small wounds. I feel, blood flows, but I understand that wounds nevazhnyya. I am responsible for each wound with a mortal blow from which the German lays down layer forever. Having laid several people, I felt that it is difficult to work with a checker, and therefore seized them to peak and it on the single laid the others. At this time my companions coped with others. On the earth twenty four corpses and several not wounded horses lay rushed in a fright. My companions received grazes, I was hit sixteen wounds too, but all empty, so - pricks in a back, in a neck, in hands. My horse got eleven wounds too, however I on her passed then back six versts. On the first of August to White Olita there arrived the commander of army general Rennenkampf who removed from himself a St.George`s Ribbon, pinned to me on a breast and congratulated on the first St George`s Cross .

In the Cossack`s statement all this looks is almost ordinary, and they clashed not with hastily the mobilized infantrymen, and with cavalrymen who were always elite of any army and had the corresponding preparation. That more improbable the issue of the combat looks. Not for nothing for such feat to congratulate the Cossack there arrived the commander of army. By the way, the general Rennenkampf himself was a skilled cavalry commander and in the cavalry cabin was an expert.

For this feat all four Cossacks became gentlemen of St. George, and the St George`s Cross 4 - y to degree behind number 5501, received by Kuzma Kryuchkov, became the first award of St. George handed on this war. Reported on this feat on the emperor and published in newspapers. The gallant Cossack instantly became the Russian celebrity, and was to him all to the 24th year old.

Kuzma (Kozma) Kryuchkov was born in 1890 on the farm Is lower - Kalmykovsky Ust - the Hopersky village Ust - the Medveditsky district of Army of Donskoy in a family of the indigenous Cossack - the conservative Firs Larionovich Kryuchkov. As well as all a kazachata, Kuzma was disaccustomed at stanitsa school (Cossacks honored education) and in 1911 was called on an active service in 3 - y Don the regiment, Cossack of Yermak Timofeev. By the beginning of war he already had a rank mandative (corresponded to the corporal in army) and was considered as the skilled fighter, as showed in the first fight.

Having had pins and needles after fight of 5 days in infirmary, Kryuchkov returned to a regiment and received holiday home. It is possible to present with what furor the Cossack with Georgy on a breast appeared in the village and, probably, and did not forget to take newspapers with the description of the feat. He was married by this time, had the son and the daughter so reflections of his glory were reflected also in them.

The short visit flew by quickly, and war just began. Also there passed it a Cossack, as they say, full time. It had both new fights with fierce cavalry cabins, and new wounds, fortunately not deadly, and new awards. By the end of war it became podkhorunzhy (the first officer rank in the Cossack troops), received one more St George`s Cross and two medals of St. George. There is information that managed to receive also a gold St. George`s Weapon, an award very honourable in the officer environment.

After February revolution Kryuchkov was elected the chairman of regimental committee, and after disintegration of the front together with a regiment returned to Don. Peaceful life did not turn out. Even the former one-bags appeared on different sides of the bloody boundary which divided Russia. So, the participant of legendary fight Mikhail Ivankov served in Red Army, subsequently met Sholokhov and told it about that first fight. Or the Cossack not so told something to the writer, or, following a literary plan, Sholokhov consciously distorted the facts, but in the novel Quiet Don the well-known fight of Kryuchkov with Germans is described as ridiculous skirmish. Well it, as they say, quite another thing.

And on Don Kryuchkov had to bring together guerrilla group to resist to other famous Cossack - to Philip Mironov, future commander 2 - y Cavalry. Fights were heavy, on both sides of the front there were skilled, fierce fighters who in due time were in common learning fight science in furious fights with Germans.

The Cossack skillfully was at war, to summer of 1919 became the centurion. Kryuchkov died, as well as it is necessary to the Cossack, a breast having accepted machine gun fire in fight. According to other data, it seriously injured was captured and shot by red.

Buried Kuzma Firsovich Kryuchkov on a cemetery of the native farm.]