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How Alexander Suvorov storm took Izmail? Part 2 - I Suvorov declared

Before battle on a Council of War: There were Russians Izmail Twice and receded from it twice; now, for the third time, nothing remains to them any more how to take fortress or to die... . The Council of War unanimously supported the great commander.

On December 7 Suvorov sent the commandant of Izmail Potemkin`s letter with the ultimatum on delivery of fortress. In case of voluntary surrender, life, preservation of property and an opportunity to be transported through Danube, differently " was guaranteed to Turks; with the city the destiny of Ochakovo " will follow;. The letter came to an end with words: To execution of this the brave general count Alexander Suvorov - Rymniksky " is appointed;. And Suvorov enclosed to the note letter: I with troops arrived here. 24 hours on reflection for delivery and will; my first shots - already bondage; storm - death. .

Turks refused to capitulate and in reply declared that rather Danube will stop during the and the sky will admire to the earth, than Izmail " will surrender;. This answer on Suvorov`s order was read in each company to inspire soldiers before storm.

Storm was appointed to December 11. For preservation of secret Suvorov did not begin to give the written order, and was limited to an oral problem definition to commanders. The commander planned to carry out night simultaneous attack by land forces and a river flotilla from the different directions. The main blow was struck to the least protected prirechny part of fortress. Troops were divided into three groups on three columns in everyone. About five battalions were a part of a column. Six columns worked about sushi and three columns - from Danube.

The group under command of the general numbering 7500 people P. S. Potemkin (columns of generals of Lviv, Lassi and Meknoba entered it) had to attack the western face of fortress; group of the general numbering 12 thousand people A. N. Samoylov (a column the general - the major M. I. Kutuzov and the Cossack foremen Platov and Orlov) - North - east face of fortress; the group of the general numbering 9 thousand people de Ribas (a column the general - the major of Arsenyev, the foreman Chepegi and guard of seconds - the major Markov) had to attack prirechny face of fortress from Danube. The general reserve numbering about 2500 people was divided into four groups and located against each of serf gate.

From nine columns on the main direction it was concentrated six. Here arranged the main artillery. Ahead of each column team of 120 - 150 shooters in a loose system and 50 workers with the shantsevy tool, then three battalions with fascines and ladders had to move. The reserve constructed in a caret brings up the rear.

Preparing storm, since morning on December 10 the Russian artillery and from the ships conducted the continuous fire at strengthenings and the opponent`s batteries proceeding prior to attack with the land. At 5 hours 30 minutes mornings of a column moved on December 11 on storm of fortress. The river flotilla under cover of fire of ship artillery (about 500 tools) landed a landing. Besieged met the attacking columns by artillery and gun fire, and on separate sites and counterattacks.

Despite strong fire and desperate resistance, 1 - I and 2 - I columns to a descent rushed on a shaft and took bastions. In a course of action the general Lviv and command 1 was seriously injured - y a column the colonel Zolotukhin accepted. 6 - I a column seized shaft at once, but then was late, reflecting strong counterattack of Turks.

In the most difficult conditions it turned out 3 - I am a column: depth of a ditch and height of a bastion which it should take appeared more, than in other places. Soldiers had to connect ladders under fire of the enemy to climb up a shaft. Despite big losses, the task it carried out.

Heavy fight sustained 4 - I and 5 - I the columns made of speshenny Cossacks. They were counterattacked by the Turks who acted from fortress, and Platov`s Cossacks had also to overcome a ditch with water. Cossacks not only coped with a task, but also promoted successful attack 7 - y a column which after landing was divided into four parts and went to attack under flank fire of the Turkish batteries. In a course of action command of group was necessary to assume Platova, having replaced the seriously injured general Samoylov. Successfully other columns attacking the opponent from Danube coped with tasks also.

From the dawn fight already went in fortress. By 11 o`clock gate were open and reinforcements entered fortress. Heavy street fights continued before twilight. Turks desperately defended. Assault columns were forced to be divided and work with detached battalions and even companies. Their efforts were constantly increased due to commitment to action of reserves. For support attacking in fortress also the part of artillery was entered.

Fortress Izmail, as strengthened as extensive and which seemed to the enemy invincible it is taken by the weapon of the Russian bayonets, terrible for it. Persistence of the enemy believing haughty the hope for number of troops, nizrinuto - Potemkin in the report wrote Catherine II.

During storm Turks lost more than 26 thousand people, 9 thousand were taken prisoner. Russians took about 400 banners and bunchuk, 265 tools, the remains of a river flotilla - 42 vessels, large supplies of ammunition and it is a lot of other trophies. The Russian losses made 4 thousand the killed and 6 thousand wounded.

Capture by the Russian troops of Izmail sharply changed a strategic situation in war in favor of Russia. Turkey was forced to pass to peace talks.

It was Not stronger than fortress, there was no defense more desperately than defense of Izmail, but Izmail is taken - these words from Suvorov`s report to Potemkin are cut on the monument established in honor of the great Russian commander.]