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In what force and magic of stones is shown?

About stones go legends. Stones were since ancient times used in medicine.

It is interesting that honoring of stones was widespread among the different people. Read, generally megaliths. For example, mysterious figures about Easter Island or the British Stonehenge and similar to it the constructions scattered across all Great Britain. The origin of worship of stones is unknown. But it got, sometimes, strange forms. There is such version that sacred Graal (in Catholic Christianity - a bowl of the Last Supper from which Jesus Christ drank) was a stone, come on a silver platter.

Stones were worshipped, loved stones, were afraid of stones. Many people of the world have a legend of mysterious stones which take away souls of people. So, for example, the tribes inhabiting Banks Island in the Pacific Ocean believed that they live in some stones gluttonous ghosts . If the shadow of the person falls to one of such stones then living there the ghost will exhaust from it soul. Having left soul, this person, naturally, dies. Therefore such stones left in empty houses to be saved from thieves. Many songs developed on the basis of this legend.

From megaliths of Great Britain Stounkhendzh is most known. It is a complex of megaliths on the plain of Salisbury in three kilometers to the West from Emsberi (the Southern England). Stounkhendzh is not limited to huge basalt megaliths, it is the whole complex consisting of a number of structures which outlines changed for nearly two thousand years of its existence more than once. It is considered that during government of the king Artur Stounkhendzh the magician Merlin - the wizard born at pure contact of the maiden and demon moved. But British have Merlin the hero, despite his origin.

Superstitions concerning stones are widespread and today. So, it is considered that the meteors and meteorites which came on a silver platter, - divine attribute which testifies to the contract between people and God. Finds which in religion are often attributed to miracles are interesting. For example, some stones are decorated with the nature so that sometimes remind Christ`s face. Stones often were considered as charms, mascots. And in nonconventional medicine they were applied as one of treatment methods.

Many ancient people had access to secrets of stones and even applied them to influence crowd. Pythagoras paid attention to color and the nature of jewels. The mythology is full of stories about magic rings and stones - mascots. In the second book States Platon mentions a ring which if to turn a stone inside, does the owner invisible. Iosif also describes the magic rings made by Moisey and Solomon. The ring was always considered as a symbol of rapprochement, perfection and immortality. Rings with the seals on which confidential emblems were engraved were carried by priests. Astrologers of all times and the people connect stones and zodiac signs.

On them to the Aries diamond, to a little body - turquoise, to Twins - agate, to Cancer - topaz, to Lev - amber, to the Maiden - nephrite, to Scales - agate, to the Scorpion - sardonyx, to the Capricorn - chrysoprase, to Aquarius - Crystal, to Fishes - amethyst meets expectations.

In the Middle Ages widely applied a litoterapiya - treatment by the powdery minerals accepted inside. Now this type of medicine lost the value, however smoky quartz, diamond and amber still are a part of dosage forms of the Tibetan medicine. It is interesting that in the Middle Ages alchemists looked for so-called philosophers` stone which in principle had to be powder serovato - red color (the ground diamond?!) .

But the psychotherapeutic medicinal properties of a mineral which are not connected with need of crushing and intake, of course, are much more interesting to the owner of a jeweler stone.

There are some stones which are capable to become your mascot :

1. Agate. It is considered that rescues not only from a malefice, but also gives a chelovekuzhizneradostnost. Besides, agate - a stone of longevity and health.

2. Diamond - the most expensive and interesting stone. About it legends go, stories are composed. History of diamond is inseparably linked with the East. In Christianity diamond symbolizes hardness. Also it is considered that only courageous, noble people can own diamond. And the thieves who stole this stone are surely punished.

3. Turquoise. A precious opaque blue stone blue, blue with greenish tone. Color changes without the visible reasons. Still it is called happiness stone . It is considered that it gives special joy to lovers. Turquoise - a symbol of invariable and right love. Brings to villains misfortune.

4. Pomegranate. Improves mood, heart amuses. Provides to the owner a kind arrangement of friends, preserves against danger and change. Granat gives rise to strong passions in combination with friendship and fidelity. Pomegranate is carried as ornament by young, unmarried girls.

5. Emerald. Brings joy and happiness. This noble stone reduces risk of development of diseases warmly - vascular system.

6. The pearls help against melancholy. The pearls are considered the rival of a ruby and emerald. A pearl necklace - a symbol of matrimonial happiness. The pearls are carried by the people who were born under the sign of Fish. It is contraindicated to other signs.

7. And here the Moonstone is a prophylactic against apathy. It is considered that the moonstone brings happiness to Cancers.

8. Ruby. A stone brightly - red color. It treats heart. Also it brings happiness in love, reciprocity of feelings. Protects from evil spells. Has property to darken if the owner is threatened by danger.

9. Cornelian. The cornelian has is yellow - orange color. It grants love, matrimonial happiness, health, courage. It is put on eyes at a headache.

10. Topaz. Topaz - a yellow, transparent stone. The anger pacifies and promotes friendship. Symbolizes honesty, right love. Wearable on a neck, it facilitates asthma attacks.

11. Crystal. Relieves of disturbing dreams. Gives feeling of pleasure and happiness.

12. Amber. Amber protects from charms, an evil eye, promotes an izlechivaniye of diseases of skin, throat.

On the people having the I blood type, very favorable impact is made by stones of warm part of a range - from is yellow - orange to red and purple.

Influence of stones of blue and green tones is recommended to people with the second blood type for stimulation of vital processes and cerebration.

People with the third blood type are helped by red and orange stones for stimulation of physiological and intellectual processes, blue and green - for calm of nervous system; violet - to cause the mood promoting memoirs and reflections.

People with the IV blood type on the power are very similar to the people having the II group therefore recommendations for them are similar.

If stones dream in a dream, then these dreams usually lead to difficulties, obstacles, perhaps, to a hard work. To sit on a stone - to important events.]