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Emirates - paradise on the earth or the fairy tale of the 21st century?

If in the memorable times noted in the history by the movie Diamond hand Istanbul was considered present city of contrasts later half a century the situation radically changed. Turkey from the attracting abroad turned into something self-evident and ordinary. As Parfenyevo, for example. Only with the sea and service. Therefore thirsty for novelty and fresh feelings little-used and before recent time forbidden begin to blaze tracks. One of such footpaths to positive rest, out of any doubts, are the United Arab Emirates. Ask, and and here forbidden ? Everything is very simple - as the stronghold of tourism of the United Arab Emirates began to prove only recently because with death of the previous sheikh severe laws of Sharia were a little softened concerning foreigners. But about everything one after another.

When : The United Arab Emirates are famous for the friendly weather all the year round. However, if you not the fan of extreme temperatures, then the best decision is to refuse a trip in July - August. Over forty in a shadow, in the desert are to taste not to everyone.

Where : here all entirely depends on requirements and desire. Needing quiet beach inaction, up a paunch under the scorching sun, on snow-white sand of the Persian Gulf, go to Azhman, judges of neon signs and a shoppingoterapiya fly to Dubai where spend days and nights in the sparkling supermarkets, in comparison with which Shopping Center Okhotny Ryad it seems to settlement general stores.

To reach : the geographical arrangement of the United Arab Emirates assumes that you will reach by air forces there. So options with I will roll up for day on the smart " Mercedes; are beautiful, but are somewhere in the field of science fiction. Flight takes five hours, however it does not mean that it is possible to spend all this time cheerfully and tasty to Jack Daniels and Johnny Walker`s companies - in spite of the fact that customs were softened and on unmarried women 30 years are younger do not watch any more how they on potential candidates for prostitutes, persons tipsy on streets will not begin to suffer and will unostentatiously suggest to get acquainted with sights of local neighbourhoods.

To be settled : having opened for itself delights of travel business, the United Arab Emirates plunged is not present, not in infinite night. The United Arab Emirates plunged into infinite building. Then, there candles of hotels various " soar up into the sky; stardom and various price category. By the way, the United Arab Emirates - the only country where owners of hotels already exceeded habitual five-star system and expose to the children 6, and even 7 stars. Certainly, the cost of numbers in similar miracles of technical thought reaches the cost of the small helicopter, but if the purpose of your life is at least once in life to sit on the toilet bowl paved by Swarovski`s crystals - welcome to luxury. However, if pretentiousness and refinement - not end in itself, you can safely choose hotel with smaller quantity of regalia and awards - quality of service in them is worthy respect and admiration. The same who got used to rely on world famous brands not superfluous will be to learn that all well-known chains of Hilton, Radisson Sas, Kempinski, Rotana, are generously presented in the territory of all five emirates.

To have a rest : those who, being under impression of Turkey and Egypt, go to the United Arab Emirates in hope that all their leisure will be in warm and caring hands of foolish animators, Italian greyhounds of the tourists jumping around cruelly are mistaken. Nobody around you will jump unless at the moments of public drinking of alcohol or solar bathtubs topless. And that, these jumps will hardly bear in themselves a positive charge. However it does not mean at all that you should spend all free time in number or in a chaise lounge at the pool. You wish thrills - plunge into the mad atmosphere of Wild Waki of the aquapark which is one of the main sights of the United Arab Emirates. The average cost of visit of $45 for the person, however to honor of organizers of entertainment it will be told that the aquapark fulfills this money for all 200%. The special delight is caused by gulfs with an artificial wave and a very tall hill, descent speed with which reaches 80 km/h. Attention to men! Do not forget to cross legs, you will have differently every chance to repeat singing glory of Robertino Loretti.

If the soul accepts quieter, bourgeois type of joys - can purposefully and systematically bypass all existing shopping centers which in Dubai an uncountable set. All boutiques multibrand, the prices in a favorable side differ from Russian, seasonal discounts and sales are present. So the only thing that can limit the judge a shop - rounds in Dubai - the size of a purse and an admissible limit of a credit card. Attention: in a pursuit of low price try not to go deep into a jungle Nasser Skver. Without watching not low prices and abundance of good fakes under the known brands, entertainment it can be carried to the category of extreme. Though, if noise, hubbub, a hvataniye by hands for you not a hindrance, then welcome to an inner sanctum of the Russian shuttle traders.

To look : unfortunately, neither pyramids, nor minarets of the end of 1 century in the Emirates exist. Therefore, the only thing, than it is possible to admire - the Emirates. Artificial islands, artificial channels, palm trees with an individual irrigation system, fantastic candles of hotels, including well-known Burdzh of al there is an Arab - hotel - a sail. Unless it is possible to believe that once there was a lifeless desert diluted with certain parking of bedouins! Persons interested to check can use services of a safari - round and to visit the village of bedouins which is not changing the household ways since the time of the prophet Muhammad. The impression depressing.

Tasty is : theoretically any hotel offers various kitchens, buffets and easy buffet receptions. However the European breakfast and fruit salad can be tried easily without leaving borders of the Russian Federation therefore the kitchen local, native and authentic is of the main interest. Main courses: Arab homus - paste from peas and sesame seeds with a lemon, fish pilaf makbus - a samaka, the stuffed lamb and various kebabs. And certainly, east sweets - baklava, a water-ice, a pudding mind - Ali and obryzganny pink water a pudding with pistachios a mekhallyabiya. To sweets without fail it is necessary to order coffee which is cooked according to ancient recipes without application of coffee - cars and other miracles of a civilization. It is possible to eat both at restaurants of hotel, and in street vegetable marrows - the Sanitary and Epidemic Control sharp-sightedly watches the wards therefore risk to receive disorder of intestines is equal to zero.

Nourishingly to drink : the only place where sell alcohol on carrying out - duty free to Abu - Dabi. In other places alcoholic beverages can be bought only at restaurants of hotels and only with a condition of the immediate use on the place. Attention! In one of emirates, Sharjah, alcohol is strictly forbidden! Drinking and stay on the street in a state of intoxication can cause very unpleasant consequences.

To pay off : in the Emirates, along with local currency, dollars with which it is possible to pay off at any small restaurant or shop are in use. But be ready that delivery you will be handed over in local bank notes. But if you prefer to cash plastic pieces with the inscription VISA, then no problems will arise in general - even ruble cards are for payment accepted.

Summing up the result, there is a wish to note that recently closed from the world United Arab Emirates slowly but surely approach Egypt and Turkey on number of the Russian tourists, and the only limiting factor from emergence prazdnoshatayushchikhsya machine operators with osolovely eyes are rather strict laws of this Arab oasis. Whether this balance will long hold on, or sooner or later the United Arab Emirates to please to tourism will step on a throat of own pride - it is difficult to tell. Perhaps, the new sheikh will come and again will close the country from the outside world. So, there is opportunity, a sin it so far not to use!]