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For what Giordano Bruno was burned?

on February 17, 1600, 408 years ago on Kampo Fiori`s (Tsvetov Square) de in Rome burned Giordano Bruno. And for what? His name is known by all, but very few people will be able to tell now what scientific novelty of views of Bruno consisted in. Let`s try to understand.

Filippo Bruno was born in 1548 (460 years ago) in Nol near Naples. In 15 years it came to the local monastery of St. Domenik where took a curacy and a name - Giordano. However he critically treated scholasticism and church dogmas, was fond of ideas of humanity, began to study philosophy as ancient, first of all antique, and modern. Possessing uncompromising character, he defended the views, was not afraid to enter disputes and debates. Accused of heresy, Bruno was forced to run at first to Rome, and then and abroad.

Everywhere Bruno gave lectures, pursued science, published the works, stated the heretical views. Therefore it was pursued everywhere, he could not be late anywhere long. In 16 years of wanderings he traveled over all Europe. Italy (1576 - 1579), Switzerland (1579 - 1580), France (1580 - 1583), England (1583 - 1585), again France (1585 - 1586), Germany (1586 - 1592), Prague (1592). These years Giordano Bruno proved not only as the philosopher, but also as the poet. Its feather possesses a large number of works of art, and some of them are not published still and are stored in manuscripts.

Having got acquainted with Copernicus`s works about heliocentric system of the world, it went much further, expanded Copernicus`s doctrine. Bruno claimed that not only Earth, but also the Sun spins round its pivot-center. And it was confirmed in many decades by Galilei. Bruno`s

considered that it is much more planets around the sun, than then knew. And even that Solar system not only. He in many respects foresaw future discoveries. And even wrote about a habitability of other worlds that also now is not opened.

In 1592 Bruno deception was enticed into Italy where arrested. Eight years which he spent in torture chambers inquisitors tried to obtain renunciation of his philosophical views as heretical. However Giordano Bruno remained uncompromising, and the court sentenced him to death. Such is the version occurring now.

But Bruno in court performance against distribution of the monastic income, against use of monastic property was still blamed. The remained documents demonstrate that inquisitors concentrated special attention on it. Similar “heresy“ was, apparently, more important for inquisition, than idea about plurality of the manned worlds and even his blasphemous statements about Catholic belief.

Especially, even after its execution neither Copernicus`s books, nor Bruno`s works were forbidden. They expressed just one of a set of the theories existing then. only when Galilei experimentally proved to

I Copernicus`s theory - they were forbidden.

was Judged also Galilee in the same church where also Bruno, only 33 years later, in 1633. But Galilei, unlike Bruno, renounced the views and survived.

And Giordano Bruno`s ideas for the whole centuries overtook his time.]