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Shopping. Whether it is worth listening to councils of sellers? Watched

Ya with amazement at the clothes which are spread out to beds: it turned out that a half of things - enough expensive! - I never put on - and it is unsurprising...

Who, when and how convinced me that this elaborate pseudo-leather jacket under a snake a terrible greenish shade suits me? To whom I laid out the serious sum for this design abortion ? What magical fog dimmed my eyes when I, trying on it, was looked in a mirror?.

Memory, gadenko having giggled, right there threw to me vague reminiscence of how the woman - the seller convinced me that the snakeskin is a last word in fashion (and, probably, the last whimper of these pythons). So, my question changes a little: I am a full silly woman, or?.

To hate sellers - even that which pushed to you very expensive and absolutely not suitable things, - are not present sense. Here everything is clear: we want to dress well and tastefully, and they want to sell all - even tasteless - goods. Generally, conflict of interests. But advantage on our party, we, finally, make the choice and we take out from a purse desired sellers of the note!

If to be attentive, it is possible almost at first sight to get to the core sellers who aspire to get rid unmarketable goods.

Kind aunts , as a rule, women aged, use a trustworthy tone, telling you that here I bought just the same short skirt to the daughter - carries year, will not rejoice! .

The Diplomaed know-it-alls at first stun the victims stream exclusive information, and convince you then that you - obviously fashionable and stylish lady - will be is ideally suited by this hit suit.

The in a board sellers are similar at the same time to your neigbour, to a half of relatives and slightly - slightly - to the best friend, than and use. They will help you to clasp a lightning with which you and coped, then tell about the hard life, and in five minutes you appear behind a threshold of shop with a heavy bag and an easy purse.

Impudent unmistakably catch the doubting customers, wear out a cabin in a fitting room and nearly violently force to try on some mad skirt ( No, well you only try on, nobody forces you to buy! ) and then you - stunned - convince that you and this skirt - a single whole is simple! And for some reason in it it is trusted... you will not come home yet.

Also it is worth being especially on the lookout when sellers work in " steam;: it is very frequent as soon as you begin to try on something in one of sections of shopping center, right there as if from - under lands the seller of the next section grows up - she sighs, gasps, admires your appearance, and you fondly think: To It - that is no need to lie! - also you are tempted with an unnecessary thing. It is old as the world, but still works!.

Anyway, it is worth turning a deaf ear to phrases it seems: The Last jacket remained - take, and that will not be then any more! (speculation on the Soviet psychosis from - for eternal deficiencies); It is the most fashionable suit! ; Fabric - is no place better! Camel wool, mountain cotton! (aha, from China and for $20!) ; We sell the Last day at this price, and tomorrow will be one and a half times more expensive! (just ridiculously) etc.

What conclusion? To make a right choice and not to regret then about purchase, it is necessary just to learn to switch off a sound and to concentrate on own opinion. Remember that nobody will choose for you clothes better, than you are. Selecting, trying on, getting money, be guided by yourself and if you doubt yourself, go shopping together with the reliable person!]