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Whether it is possible to manage without magnificent weddings? Whether

Exist on light the girl who is not dreaming of the most expensive and beautiful wedding dress? And the wedding celebration, on her concepts, should not concede on luxury to a wedding of the girlfriend or neigbour.

No, of course, is not present. Such girls in the nature do not exist. Since the early childhood, from the fairy tales read by parents for the night on the place of the fantastic princess the girl represents herself.

But for some reason behind the beautiful and happy end of the fairy tale its beginning and even the middle is forgotten. The Cinderella who performed all housework until late at night. Kozetta carrying heavy buckets of water in Christmas frosts So is arranged to

psychology of the person. In - the first, the last words are best of all remembered. In - the second to try on on itself only happy events. The wise nature is always right and not to us to argue with it.

And the wedding (as the bride dreams) is the beginning of fantastic, happy and carefree life. At the same time for some reason always forget that fairy tales, alas, never begin with joyful events. The middle of the fairy tale is allocated for overcoming of barriers. But they have the happy end.

We will try to decide what is the Wedding?

the End of the romantic relations terminating in a wedding? If the stamp in the passport was your purpose, then, I congratulate, you achieved the objectives.

Or a wedding - only the beginning of creation of a close-knit, strong family? Reliable back the warm house where always wait for you. Will help, will sincerely be glad to your progress, will encourage or with all the heart will sympathize. Believe, such family will cause more respect, surprises and if you want, then and envy, than the most grandiose wedding of a century.

This article - not an appeal to cancellation of wedding celebrations. A wedding - a beautiful, ancient folk custom. If there are means, then why and not to carry out it in a big way. Such wedding has enough advantages too. Necessary guests, surprise and envy of people around concerning the spent sum, abundance of wedding photos. The place on the front pages of some mass media etc. of

A we will return to pages of the most popular and all the favourite fairy tale of Charles Perrault Cinderella . Let`s remember a ball and abundance of guests. And here the wizard decided to give all attendees a gift. For several minutes everyone could appear where he will want. Where there were Prinze and the Cinderella? Together and very far from guests! Not for nothing the people thought up such ending to many fairy tales: The Fairy tale - lie and in it a hint, to kind good fellows the lesson .

From there is conclusion. A wedding at which most of guests are not even familiar with young people and their parents, - a pure facade. And rather poor parents of newlyweds for years will pay debts.

This article not for parents, and for future groom and the bride who want to establish the family on Love. Do not try to outdo acquaintances and relatives. Weddings celebrate, mainly, for guests.

Believe, the real marriages, really, are made in Heaven. Let your marriage will be from this not numerous list approved by Nebesnoykantselyariya.

Even if you together left the Hall of wedding and came home, do not say that you had no real wedding. Lay a table for two. Only do not forget to invite most necessary for your future of guests: Love, Warmth of the relations and Tenderness. The list can be increased. You are very happy now, so, the most hospitable people on light. Why not to invite still Wisdom, Patience and Good luck?

Make the wedding the most romantic and unusual in the world! Dream up.

A your guests will remain for you the most loyal friends for the rest of life. They will not discuss that on your table there was no pressed caviar and the famous actors and musicians were not invited. But they will not betray you in unlucky days of the tests falling to lot of each family. They will present you the most valuable gifts on light: Trust, Mutual understanding and Harmony.

At everything birthday exists. Let this day, day of your wedding, will be Birthday of your family. The happiest on light.

As any birth on Earth, it will pass through torments, doubts, despair. But by means of your unselfish and reliable friends invited this day you will cope with all obstacles and will come out from them Winners.]