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How to define character of the person on role to the principle? Part 1

I Welcome all who read this article! You for certain know that all people are divided into groups on temperament which defines character of the person. But very few people know that there is a system allowing to divide people into other three accurate groups. Groups which open behavior model of the person depending on him spiritually - the intellectual principles and qualities of character.

And so easier to understand, I will take as a basis the principle of RPG - games. Fans of those very well will understand me. In role-playing games the hero chooses to himself a profile, in general it is reduced to three estates: The wizard, the Soldier, and the Rascal (The thief, the trickster) everyone has shortcomings and advantages. The fighter copes with any enemy, but is not always on friendly terms with the head. The magician, on the contrary, is strong in spirit also knowledge, but even the most hilenky opponent can destroy him fast. The rascal possesses everyday sharpness, and can find a way out in which both the Wizard and the Soldier &hellip will be powerless; But all is not so simple! Any heroes can be different; as the magician can have different extent of influence (Fire, Water, the Biosphere, herbs and book knowledge), and the soldier has many appearances (The furious northern barbarian or the Noble and brilliant soldier the crusader, or perhaps the knight - the dandy, the favourite of women and the hero of bright tournaments) and the Trickster accepts own style (The mean mysterious thief, the cunning politician or even if the Special agent on guards of the native Power).

In our world still.

1. Are people who succeed by dint of the wit, logic, are usually quiet, constrained and judicious. Inclined to reflections and privacy. But it does not mean that they cannot be pleasant interlocutors and cheerful, sociable people. Let`s call such &hellip type; philosopher . They are different: black monks wise and unsociable, reflecting on something majestic universal scale. Public philosophers - you, probably, noticed that around us people who easily communicate meet; almost nerazdrazhima; do not take offense at insults; almost cannot be enraged; are slightly sluggish in conversation and in reaction that gives them a certain grandeur. And even the Wise men driven by the world. They are VERY clever, but some stiffness and a potrepannost force them to kowtow and underestimate the real opportunities before other people.

2. the Second type is people who act quickly, quickly, and the main thing - is resolute, without hesitation. Whether it be physical aspect or psychological. They put on force, persistence and the relative bravery. Why relative? Because « type; soldiers (we will leave computer definition), is divided in turn into two subtypes: Soldiers of a body and Soldiers of spirit who can be combined and can not get on in one person at all. For example, there are people who put on a brute force, achieving the objectives quite so, not especially coming back to the fact that they by nature all - were given mind and a brain. And there are those who cannot brag of the impressive muscle bulk or similar bonuses. Such soldier can be afraid of height or go with caution at night in the dark yards. But are those who make important decisions, do not fluctuate at the choice, do everything, without turning around on consequences. Similar people usually make great progress in policy and business, on senior positions.

3. Cunning - their course of life. In them the tranquility and patience « can not get on; philosophers or military determination and a habit to stop at nothing. But sly fellow - it in something the schemer. It is defined by dexterity and flexibility in any affairs, any spheres. Their mind, unlike philosophers does not serve for knowledge of vital wisdom. It is the car which keeps in itself tens of a variation of this or that case; they always have the finger on the pulse of events; adapt to circumstances with the purpose to turn them themselves into benefit. Usually such people always in a prize, but they are similar to climbers, once you stumble, and falling will be deadly. It is possible to divide into the main subtypes. The first - it is, unfortunately, the subtype of Flimflammers extended presently. Main goal - to put on as much as possible people, to receive a big gain, to avoid punishment and to continue the business. The second, and the main, is analysts keep a set of options of development of the situation in mind and follow that which is more favorable and does not contain reefs.

Liouba sly fellow weaned from unpleasant events, making a mistake, can get into very bad situation. Especially such people can hit in panic when something is contrary to their plans. And panic, as we know, like nuclear reaction - it is more and more troubles.

But life - not a computer game. In each person different profiles are combined, it can be the Soldier - the philosopher, the Flimflammer with wisdom of the philosopher, Or The Soldier - a shadow nanorsyashchiya mortal blows thanks to the intuition and cunning.

And so, in any person it is possible to distinguish a certain essence. Just unostentatiously look narrowly at people around. For a start, try to define the type. To reveal the pluses and minuses. Only honestly and impartially. And already only then start research of people

There now, actually and all for today. Informative to you researches … And, above all … of Good luck!!! :)