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Who lives in a teremochka? It is a little about rubber houses.

A you in what house live? In brick, stone, panel or maybe in wooden. And is also such which live in rubber . But, if to speak more precisely, then people do not live there but only they have a registration. Where such houses, you ask. We answer: The Moscow region is rich with them.

Rubber the house is usually old wooden house which was built once for themselves and the family now by grandmothers and grandfathers. Many of them are already dead, some were taken away to the new houses and apartments by children.

the houses which Now this were lop-sided, half broken in the majority belong to real estate agencies. And generally they are not suitable for housing, but are suitable for registration of the population.

There is also other option when the house belongs to the individual - the owner who goes on the agreement with agency and registers unlimited number of visitors in the house for remuneration. Such option is less reliable for residents as the owner can write out at any moment of them. And it is the only way to deprive of registration of the citizen. Any other organizations, including state, or individuals cannot write out it. If, of course, the resident does not want to replace the place of the constant registration with new.

Rubber the house is called because the huge number of people is registered in it. On 30 - 40 sq.m of living space it can be registered to our 100 compatriots who arrived to the capital from Siberia, the Urals, the Caucasus and other regions of Russia.

Comes such person to Moscow, wants to earn, be arranged, to remove housing - a condition for applicants one - registration Moscow or MO . Here also he looks for ways - exits. The great Internet dazzles with the headings Registration, registration . Our seeker of happiness calls by the specified telephone and understands that a registration business solvable, as they say, any whim for your money. Finds out that the price decreases in proportion to increase in distance from Moscow to an estimated place of registration. And, here goes, agrees.

For payment of service, registration of the contract with agency, signing of the power of attorney for sale of a share of property which allows to register our little man in the house it comes to agency. All procedure is lawful if the registration is given on the basis of the contract of use of shares of a house or on the basis of registration of the property right to a house share . As if it did not shock, but it is possible to register in the small private house infinitely many people. There is the Moscow sanitary standard - 12 quarter. meters on the person which extends to municipal housing, but does not concern private houses. Here also register persons interested to become the owner of a registration situated near Moscow. It is worth noticing that the share of property then can be sold to the following applicant of registration situated near Moscow under the above-mentioned power of attorney which is with own hand signed by our hero. But it will not prevent it to remain the owner of a registration situated near Moscow.

Who lives in a teremochka who lives in low? I am Mishka from Uryupinsk, I am Leshka from Mordva, I am Zoyka from Buryatia, I - Lyusya from Tolyatti, I am Voldemar from Karaganda. The more the merrier. And at whom to take offense if all inhabitants of a teremk in each other eyes never saw and know the neighbors thanks to the unique piece of paper, the confirming status of a share of the property called Certificate on the state registration of the right . Most of inhabitants of a lodge actually live in Moscow or other cities of the Moscow region.

Why, you ask, it is necessary. It is difficult to get a job in the capital in the absence of the Moscow or registration Situated near Moscow, but it is possible. But, most likely, the offered vacancies or a salary will not satisfy the high-class expert. Besides, there is always a probability to meet militia which, fulfilling the duty, is obliged to react to violation of a pasportnogorezhim in the city and to write out a penalty.

As for the medical policy which is attached as a bonus to a registration situated near Moscow, it really is. But now it is not of such great importance as a few years ago when according to the medical policy situated near Moscow served in Moscow without additional permissions. Now all non-residents, including residents of the cities and villages of the Moscow region, need to issue an attachment to policlinic in the actual place of residence which will allow to use services of medics if necessary.

The separate song - children. Register you - your child goes the " engine; and also receives lawful registration. And together with it the medical policy. One more plus - the device will not go to kindergarten or school under the slogan Let`s break! because children from other regions of Russia are taken in educational institutions in the presence of local registration. There are, actually, main reasons for which non-residents buy the Moscow or registration situated near Moscow.

As the situation is now: in Moscow it is still necessary to have registration in the place of stay. Having arrived to the capital, it is necessary to be registered within three months for any term. If the purpose of arrival to find permanent job, and compassionate relatives who will promote in long registration, no, then, most likely, rubber house - it is an exit. Of course, until purchase of the real own living space in Moscow or Moscow area.]