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What lady Godiva hints at?

- I have for you a gift, expensive! Chocolate, best in the world. Should tell

that the Man of my Dream (Carrie Bradshaw`s thanks for exclusively capacious term!) distinguishes passion to quality excellence . If he says that chocolate the best, means - so it and is. Means, the fact of qualitative superiority was carefully tested on compliance to the declared statement.

Intrigued, I take a graceful box in hand. Rough it is dark - a brown cardboard of expensive grade (I am a good judge of printing nuances!) an unpretentious band from natural material (the true elevated style), a small logo of a kongrevny stamping. Godiva.

Godiva? And of what he thought when he chose candies?

- Of what you thought?! It is visible to

, my reaction was not entered in the expected standards ( Thanks, road! Oh, as it is lovely, the road! It is magnificent, the road! ).

- Well thought of you. That you do not love the Swiss milk chocolate. Here, chose the best of dark. The producer - the official supplier of the Belgian Royal Court. Godiva chocolate is served at official ceremonies of the Cannes Film Festival

- Stop, feet, feet! You that, never heard an ancient parable about the noble lady (high moral rules, by the way!) rescued residents of the small English county from unreasonable taxes?

the Man of my Dream looks puzzled. In eyes - a mute question.

- Really never - never heard about the nude woman on a horse? Here it - on the Godiva logo!

- Hmmmmm Zhanna D`Ark?.

the Answer sounds uncertainly. It is visible, the Man of my Dream tries to remember when the Orleans maiden managed to sweep bared for the sake of British against whom so fanatically battled.

Here I do not stand Nestykovochk and I laugh loudly. Muzhch - and - Ina! Iron logic, steady associations. Concepts woman and horse are firmly connected in brutal subconsciousness only with one historical character.

- Well, listen, the road. I will tell you a story about one more lady on a fighting horse.

In the eleventh century in the English town of Coventry (Coventry) there lived the couple of rich feudal lords - lord Leofrik (Leofric) and lady Godiva ( of Godgifu - Lord`s Gift , later the name was transformed to Godiva), the count and contess Mersia (Mercia). They were famous that they patronized art and cared for education. It was expressed in construction of churches, generally. So it was accepted in those days.

Occupation by charity demanded considerable financial resources. Money as it was found at feudal lords, the people delivered, as a rule. In the form of tax taxes. The contributions are more generous, the tax rates are higher. Here such here two-edged sword this charity of aristocrats.

It is necessary to tell that the count generosity (in relation to church) knew no limit. Also the system of taxation was absolutely unlimited. Tariffs grew from year to year, Mersia`s inhabitants (and, in particular, Coventry) - grew poor, grew poor, grew poor... And here the last, having absolutely despaired, took courage (or impudence are how to look) and went to ask to the countess about protection.

So supposedly and so, dear lady Godiva. The spouse Vash absolutely flew into a rage. Smothers, presses and plunders. So all of us on the world will go soon. Help. To be fair.

Lady Godiva the woman was kind. Regretted simple people, and the husband, of course, asked to lower taxes. Here only lord Leofrik considered that such things - not female mind business. However directly was ashamed to refuse to the spouse. Arrived cunning - set a condition. You will pass supposedly on a horse bared on a city square yes in a market day - well, I will cancel taxes for Coventry.

Calculation was exact - any lady in the eleventh century (if she was a lady, of course) would not agree to accept this condition. But the countess Godiva appeared from proud. And cunning. Also asked the husband a safety question: And what if I wish to make it, you will allow me? ( And should I be willing to do this, wilt thou give me leave? Roger of Wendover, Flowers of History). without suspecting a dirty trick, the lord bryaknut: Undoubtedly . Also lost.

Oh, these British from them posh English ( smart English ), such strange, and such convenient - politely expressing intention which is not necessarily planned to commission at all.

Having received the indulgence of the spouse (a cunning aristocratic way), lady Godiva undressed, saddled a fighting horse of the spouse and swept on city streets. Speak, the countess had beautiful long hair which slightly covered her noble nakedness. And still say that the residents of Coventry crowding on streets narrowed eyes not to confuse the defender.

The same who were in houses - slammed doors and a sun blind. Everything, except one - curious Thomas (probably suffering from a scopophilia - mania of peeping). He decided slightly - to spot slightly in a chink of a window shutter, and at the very same time, speak, was blinded by the Lord (and in English the idiom " appeared; The Peeping Tom - the spying Tom ) . So the great honor of lady Godiva did not suffer at all.

Anything else did not remain to lord Leofrik how to keep the promise. Up to the fifteenth century residents of Coventry paid only one tax - on keeping of horses. It is visible the count, along with other advantages, possessed also a kind share of good (English) sense of humour.

- Here, darling, such history stands behind a logo of a box with magnificent chocolates... What you think now of?

- I Think that I was largely lucky.


- Was lucky that chocolate carries the name Godiva, but not Mata Hari ...]