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What tie to choose as a gift to the man?

What has to be a men`s tie? It is possible to tell much about image, business or festive clothes, styles and tastes. But now the speech not absolutely about it. What has to be the tie intended as a gift? What to consider on what to pay to attention that the thing did not go to a far corner of a case, and it was pleasant, decorated the man and it was demanded?

Quality. It is known that appreciate handwork ties. It is accepted to call them Italian, but actually stylish and beautiful things sew not only in Italy. It is possible to determine handwork by a seam from the back party. If it rigid - it is a machine line. The tie made manually cannot be from cheap synthetic material and will cost, of course, much.

Regardless of price category and from a way of sewing any tie upon purchase should be examined attentively. On a surface of fabric there should be no defects. Put a tie across a palm that the ends freely overhung. The wide end should not twist.

Probe cross seams. Qualitative ties sew from three pieces of fabric. The majority of commercial consumer goods - from two.

Sizes. Width of a tie depends on breed of a jacket and its size. General rule: to wide lapels - a wide tie. The same councils and concerning a clothing size. The person in shoulders, i.e. the more the jacket size is wider, the more widely there has to be a tie. Average values of width of a tie in its widest part - 7 - 9 centimeters. Naturally, the operating styles should be considered too.

Tie length usually fluctuates within 130 - 145 centimeters. But if the tall person or prefers difficult " hubs; Windsor it is worth looking for longer.

Color scale. On color scale the tie has to correspond to the rest to a prikid . Including not only to a jacket, but also shirt, shoes and socks. This is not about exact coincidence. But at the choice of scale try to remember what colors in clothes of presented meet more often.

Darkly - the blue shirt is well combined with a wine-colored tie. Use of contrast colors, for example, blue and yellow, is emphasized by determination and authoritativeness. The acceptable color combinations are described in different sources, in this article in details on them I will not stop.

If with the analysis of clothes there are difficulties or good knowledge of rules of a tsvetosochetaniye - not your fad, then it is possible to select a tie to color of eyes. Blue-eyed and gray-eyed gentlemen will suit the same shades in a tie coloring. Dark eyes are better combined with a tie graphitic, claret or is dark - blue color.

accurate drawing of a tie, but not hushfully - smooth transitions Is preferable. Small peas - the good choice for an official suit. The background more small than an impregnation is more dark, the tie looks more authoritatively.

Repp ties, in a strip, are considered as classics. They well are in harmony with shirts of the muffled tones. To a dark suit and a light shirt it is better to choose a bright tie.

The monophonic tie perfectly looks with risunchaty shirts and suits. It is better not to choose bright drawings and ties from brilliant materials for a gift.

Choosing drawing, consider a shape of a face of that for whom the gift is intended. If in the person straight lines are traced, most likely, the strip and a cage most advantageously will look. Roundish features will suit drawing with soft roundish details.

I will be glad if the given councils are useful. But they not the guide to action, coordinated and approved by an established order . Your gift is a reflection of your taste. Dare.]