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Why on ten little girls statistically nine children ? Tell

, and you remember words of this remarkable song?

Today a holiday girls,

will have dances Today.

I cheeks of girls burn,

Since morning burn with a flush.

Little girls came,

Stand aside,

trifle with Kerchiefs.

Because on ten little girls

statistically nine children.

Probably, all know, or at least once heard this melody.

were Written by her composer Alexander Kolker and the poet Kim Ryzhov in 1966.

Perhaps, someone remembers that time, I still feel taste of an eskimo in silvery to a zolotyanka for 11 kopeks.

But hardly anyone reflected why on ten little girls - statistically nine children? And what the statistics is? You can think of influence on this disproportion of big losses of our soldiers during the Great Patriotic War, and, probably, right after war the picture was such. But it is easy to consider that 18 - 20 - summer little girls and children of 1966 were born after war.

Let`s address the scientific facts.

statistically, boys usually is born more. The probability of the birth of the boy is number, a little bigger, than 0,5 (close 0,51), and girls - smaller, than 0,5 (close 0,49). Why does that happen why origin of the boy or girl is not to equally likely and corresponding genetic prerequisites (to the Mendelian law of splitting on a floor)?

The satisfactory answer to these questions is not received yet; it is known only that already from the moment of conception the share of boys is more than share of girls. Boys are born about 5 - 6% more.

But in that case our situation even more gets confused, appears, boys has to be more, than girls. So where the tenth boy got to?

Recently looking through news lines, found the interesting message.

The European scientists studying proportions in the birth of boys and girls defined that couples which underwent an emotional stress on the eve of conception have much more chances to show to light the girl

Perhaps, the answer to our question is covered here? And what if really the stress got during war broke genetic laws? The answer could be received, having only addressed data of population census.

I expected us strong disappointment here. It appears, the grandfather Stalin was afraid to carry out population census right after war, perhaps, was afraid of opening of data on huge losses among civilians. It turned out so that the first post-war census took place in 1959 during thaw.

But, as they say: Necessity is the mother of invention and The Harm without good does not happen .

is A little patience, and before us the report of TsSU USSR, 1960, Distribution of all and married population on gender and age according to All-Union population census on January 15, 1959 (T. 1) (Russian Federation) .

The first that is evident at once - women really more. If men in 1959 there were 52425 thousand people, then women - 65110 thousand people (i.e. in other words, on TEN little girls statistically EIGHT children.) Really authors of the song were mistaken in calculations? No, no, cannot be!.

So in what business? Where truth? And who is right? As they say, it`s easy to be wise after the event . Let`s remember lyrics - LITTLE GIRLS " Came; And so in what business, in the song is told about LITTLE GIRLS, and we take statistics of all population, from babies to 100 - summer aged men.

We will assume that on ours dances in 1966 little girls aged from 10 till 30 years came, means in census of 1959 to them there will be from 3 to 23 years. Again we will address materials TsSU USSR, 1960, and by simple calculations we receive:

of Little girls, come to dances in 60 years of last century, was 20527 thousand people, and children - 20915 thousand people. That is - it is almost identical, and no genetic changes happened to our population

I respectively the song has to sound so:

Little girls came,

Stand aside,

To children do not want to go.

Because on TEN little girls

statistically TEN children.]