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From where you, Laura?

We took a dislike to this woman from the first day as soon as she appeared at office. The woman was called Laura, and there was she long, round-shouldered and short-sighted. Such office mouse beaten by a moth from Soviet style times. So it seemed to us.

Laura quietly sat at herself in a corner, there printed something on the computer, continually receiving reprimand from the administration. After reprimand she hid behind the monitor and sobbed, sadly blinking full of tears, unnaturally huge behind thick lenses of points, eyes. These wet eyes bored on people around and irritated extremely. What to roar? You are not able to work - do not climb where does not follow! And in general, why it was hired? The expert from Laura any, obviously does not seek for training for what he gets paid - unclear!

The irritation was caused also by her sons all the time calling in office and its habit, having obsequiously bent, to beg for a scar on the road, and awkwardness, and all - all - all. Even long, is lower than a belt, a thick braid. The collective is cruel. If does not accept someone, will not forgive anything!

Once Laura overturned a cup from coffee on my table. Incidentally. Approached with some question and touched a cup with an elbow. As I squalled, collecting the spoiled papers as shouted that to similar cows not the place in decent institutions as I cried out that long ago it is time to get rid of it and as people around gloated over at the same time! Here supposedly at last met with the deserts, a mouse shabby!

Laura then kept silent. Only inclined the head and hurried to hide behind the monitor. And I did not even try to apologize. Rightly to it! Private life of Laura nobody was interested in

. What such blue stocking can have private life? Obviously anything special, bright, memorable! Huge love, for example! For certain, the husband - the loser, or the drunkard! Why - the same begs for all the time money for the road!

And she also did not try to tell anybody anything. Silently came, silently sat out the put time, and quietly left. Eventually, we got used to its presence and ceased to notice

One night it rose from - for the table, and, is guilty looking at us short-sighted eyes, told:

- Girls! I invite all To. Anniversary of death of my husband. I know, it is not accepted. But Do not refuse. In memory of it And?

the Strange invitation stunned all. And, probably, from this stupefaction, or perhaps in memory of it, the husband unfamiliar to us, we went.

The first that we saw in Laura`s apartment, strongly shook our doubts in primitiveness of this woman. In - the first, the apartment was arranged with sound modern furniture, shone purity and that the most amazing, - in one of rooms the magnificent library from rare volumes was found. These are that here volumes us and finished. Very few people can brag of so refined selection of books!

In completion of all the table was laid very well. Commemoration - not a wedding, people usually gets off with dishes traditional for such a case, and here The hostess did not stint.

At a table all took seat silently, being confused from unexpected hospitality. And after the next phrase rest in peace I, at last, decided to ask:

- the ENT specialist what happened to it? Not old it seems!

All stood, expecting that she will burst into tears. Contrary to expectation, Laura quietly told:

- a brain Cancer. It long lay. Then died.

- In hospital? - just like that, to keep up the conversation, I took an interest.

- Why in hospital? - Laura was surprised. - Houses! As I will send it to hospital! He is my husband!

- How many you lived?

- Oh, is hard to say! - suddenly Laura laughed, - Lived in marriage fifteen years. And in general From the first class - behind one school desk! And at institute together! And all the time - together! It at me you know what Beautiful such! Yes here it!

She nodded on a wall. From the photo the young black-eyed man smiled. Smiled serenely, warmly, lovingly to

- Beautiful, - I said in low tones.

- Yes, very much! - Laura confirmed, it was suddenly lit, got prettier, and, being confused, told, - He so loved me, so loved! You know, girls, here we go with it on the city, and it to me: Lorca, you are such remarkable! How many I look around - there is no similar!

Her eyes behind thick lenses became pensive, bright and unusually beautiful. The devil, and how we did not notice such stunning, ineradicable internal light earlier? Grey mouse It is necessary!

- It now I am such! - Laura continued, - Wearing spectacles here Grew thin strongly Confused such Yes I know, I know, all of you so consider! Only earlier here When it with me was, we so well lived! Earned, raised children, went to holidays So well! Always together - and at work, and houses! And then

She became silent. Whether remembered, whether did not decide to tell further.

- Then to it it became suddenly bad. Directly at work. Fainted, brought to hospital, and there Made a picture. Tumor. Malignant. Inoperable already. Month, two, told, will stretch, and all.

Laura hung the head, sighed and started:

- Yes you eat, eat! To you, probably, it is uninteresting, and I here With the memoirs! there is no

- Laura, you tell! - I asked, - For the sake of it gathered here Tell further!

- Well, and further What`s next? Suggested to leave in hospital. All the same already, pier. And I could not. As he will die there, foreign people around! Visors Home took away. Quitted the job to look behind it. Money a little at us was, on drugs left, on pricks. I learned to give injections itself that superfluous not to pay! Here Badly was. Nobody helped, nobody.

- And relatives? - I was surprised, - As relatives? Mother, father . Or not anybody? there is no

- Why? Is. Both mother, and father, and two sisters. Only they wanted it to leave in hospital. Abused me that took away. Therefore did not help. Considered that we too well lived so I will get out as - nibud! And we had nothing. So, nonsense everyone! Well, I which sold - that. Wanted to sell books, they expensive, but he did not resolve. Spoke, let to children will remain. Here also remained. As memory. And I secretly nevertheless pushed the things. On cheap stuff, but was enough for drugs. And, you know, little girls, it became better for it! Pains passed, began to smile! I so was delighted, thought, doctors were mistaken! They, and the truth, were mistaken. He lived not two months. Two years. The last year all grew thin, grew thin, became such Easy, as child. Severe pains were, but he suffered. To a wall will turn away and groans very quietly that I did not see. And I noticed everything. But to help - that than? I sit in kitchen, both I roar, and I roar, I roar Because also went blind now. And all the same hoped - suddenly will survive? Well, everyone happens, the truth? And then Somehow jumped out on a market, returned, and it In total already. So suddenly. I all think that he. Examination - that was not carried out. Cancer and cancer. Probably, got drunk tablets. That not to torment us any more. And?

Laura helplessly looked round us and repeated:

- probably? Well, why, what for?! Perhaps, both would manage, maybe, and would survive!

We were potryasyonno silent. She still believes that she could rescue darling! She cannot still reconcile to his death! My God, my God! As life is unpredictable! And as people are cruel

We dispersed, hiding from each other eyes. Understood that someone had to tell: Forgive us, Laura! . Understood and were silent.

On a threshold I nevertheless turned back to it and quietly said:

- Forgive us, Laura! You do not take offense at us! We did not know!

- to Take offense? - Laura was surprised, - For what? Unless you are guilty of something?

Such here history. Laura does not work with us for a long time, but here that is interesting - we became more delicate and more reserved. And there was this metamorphosis imperceptibly and, strangely enough, with little effort from our party. No, the desire to insult sometimes arises, of course. However the clumsy round-shouldered woman with the kind, unnaturally increased lenses of points, eyes is instantly remembered, and the evil words ready to break language, disappear somewhere. Such uncontrollable, apparently, aspiration to offend is succeeded by sense of guilt for only one emergence of this aspiration. And there is a strong wish to tell once again: Forgive us, Laura! ]