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Why car heart needs water?

the Person for normal activity needs to consume a certain norm of water in days. The same can be told also about the car. It without water anywhere.

You can ask: how so? The car is a heap of iron why to it water? Let`s try to answer this question.

The car is a difficult complex of devices and mechanisms, the part of which works at high temperatures. It mostly touches car heart - the engine. It, as well as its human analog, cannot work above a certain temperature (130 degrees against 42 for the person). That the engine normally functioned, and various tricks are applied, and is basic of which " water; or cooling liquid.

All cooling liquids there are two types: the water distilled and special liquids. Slightly in more detail about everyone.

1. Water. It is usually applied late spring, in the summer and in the early fall. With function to cool the engine copes perfectly. The only shortcoming is that at low temperatures water freezes. Freezing of water in the cooling system is fraught with analysis of the engine that attracts a notable loss to a purse.

2. Special liquids (Antifreeze). They are deprived of the main lack of water: they do not freeze up to the certain temperature. Everything depends on brand (brand Felix - 35, does not freeze to - 35, and - 60 already to - 60 degrees). Their main shortcoming is extremely smelly smell and toxicity. Also in minuses it is possible to write down that antifreeze costs money, unlike water.

Sometimes it happens so that for some reasons cooling liquid follows from the cooling system. For this purpose the reserve stock it needs to be had in NZ. How to define that there is not enough cooling liquid?

Is several symptoms:

1. The arrow of heating of the engine will spread up. If you go on the route, but do not get stuck in a traffic jam, then optimum temperature will fluctuate about 90 degrees. At 100 - 110 the fan will be switched on. It is system of compulsory cooling of the engine. If it joined on the way, then affairs are bad.

2. Smell. If you included heating of salon or just opened air gates, then at course of cooling liquid (antifreeze) you can feel a pungent, unpleasant smell. Most likely, it means that at you cooling liquid leaked. The author personally faced similar so can warrant for this symptom. But the most true is the first sign.

What will be if cooling liquid completely flows out? It is possible to answer this question simply: and what will be with human heart if its temperature exceeds 42 degrees? Most will be also with the car engine. Lack of cooling liquid will lead to breakage of the engine and its subsequent expensive repair if he in general is possible.

For this reason it is desirable to have a small reserve of cooling liquid with itself. If such is not present, then it is possible to manage make-shifts, only in that case if the help has no place to wait: snow, it is desirable to leave far away from the route, water streams, previously having allowed it to be defended. These are extreme ways, only only to reach to the next settlement, but it is better not to bring to it at all.]