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What is black hiring ?

Will be a question not of employment of the Afro-Americans. Black hiring in the business world call use of employees on hiring without intention to keep the promises declared to them.

In other words, you are employed and offer certain terms. But deliberately do not pronounce all details. And you just do not know them owing to lack of experience in such business.

Or employ as with a trial period . Now many enterprises so make secure against nonprofessionals. The trial period can be from one to three months. More rare - to six. Employers surely have to fix presence of such term by the order on a human resources department with the accurate indication of terms. If to you such order was not submitted on acquaintance - business smells of black hiring.

Excuses can be any. Like, why to spoil the service record - suddenly you will not pass a trial period. And often diffident employees - beginners follow the tastes of such unfair employers. Result - having fulfilled certain time, you receive nothing. At best, will pay you as the nonprofessional.

Usually in the first days new employees are ready to perform any work and very much try. The employer through three - says goodbye six months with them and employs new which will be also to stick for two, receiving at the same time a miserable amount. Such hiring in the business world is called conveyor. That is, people are accepted, as on the conveyor. The wages fund of such enterprise wins time in 3 - 4! You represent what economy?

The employer can create also initially intolerable working conditions and when the employee gets used also understands what to what - leaves.

There is still such type of black hiring as hiring with a support . It already for more qualified personnel. Here heads of departments, directors of branches, leading experts get. The employer`s purpose - for a usual salary to receive new ideas and the good scheme of work from experts. Primernotaky conditions (of course, they can vary - swindlers are very inventive!) : new site of work. How to build the scheme and how to achieve the best result, none of team know.

Then employ the expert, pay him decent money and he in 2 - 3 months builds all business - process. Do not establish it trial periods, pay it all social package, promise big holiday and other privileges of corporation. Only all this in the future which will not be. As soon as all scheme begins to work, becomes clear to all, the expert under different pretexts is dismissed.

On its place put the performer with a low wage. In my practice there was even such case when initially took the person with a wide experience, it adjusted process, and then on its place put the director`s son, and our lucid mind was translated in deputies to this offspring. Further newly made director even could not use already fulfilled scheme, and pulled for threads the deputy. As result - the enterprise broke up with departure of the expert.

Such here black schemes. What exit? When you are hired with a low wage for a trial period, you have to understand chetno that it is a real salary which can be paid here. To agree with it or not - only your choice. Happens that else ask to pay for interview or to post some bail. It has to guard you at once. You go to sell yourself, the work, the time, the abilities, and here you still have to pay? Obvious swindlers. Most likely, tomorrow you will come to the closed door. The purpose of such firms - a something ephemeral - to collect as much as possible such payments from trustful applicants.

How to fight against hiring - a support? Of course, if you the unique and irreplaceable expert, you are difficult to be replaced. Though here you are not insured from a setup. Before being employed on even the most prestigious position, it is good to collect data on the company.

If the firm practices black hiring, the gossip hotline will quickly carry such news. Look for victims, find out about all details. And if you feel in yourself forces to resist to this negative - forward. Whether it is only necessary to spend the life for fight against windmills? For certain, in it your experience is a high time and knowledge will be useful to more conscientious employer.

Let everything at you surely will turn out! Also let`s you meet never God swindlers on hiring.]