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Thanks to whom we drink Mines Lyuvak?

We seldom reflect in the mornings, drinking fragrant coffee from where it undertook and thanks to whom we drink it. At the same time the most expensive, and the most fragrant today " coffee; Luwak we are able to afford thanks to a little small animal from far Hugo - East Asia.

Really, coffee is one of the most available and democratic pleasures which we are able to afford. Coffee perfectly lifts an organism tone in the mornings, gives a charge of energy and loads with cheerfulness before the working day. And what would not be told there by doctors and scientists about advantage and harm of coffee, it is also difficult to refuse it, as well as smoking. And opinions on advantage and harm of coffee are shared approximately equally. There are articles about advantage of coffee, suddenly it is found out that coffee is harmful and dangerous. Nevertheless, it, of course, does not stop true judges of coffee.

Kopi Luwak - one of grades of the most expensive coffee in the world. It differs in unique aroma and the most various flavoring scale. Of course, it is influenced by both methods of processing, and the area where the coffee tree grows. However the main difference of this coffee nevertheless is not it. Kopi Luwak it is made on the island of Sumatra. In translation from a local Indonesian dialect the word lyuvak means the name of a little small animal, Asian palm civet.

A civet - the mammal, treats family of predators, viverrovy from group. Resembles our polecats, martens superficially. These are small animals from 30 to 98 cm long, a tail of 12 - 90 cm, the mass of a small animal is from 1 to 15 kg. Viverrov can be met in Southern Europe, Africa, Hugo - East Asia, including Indonesia and on Philippines. As we see, the area of distribution of a civet is rather wide. Mainly night animal. Viverrov part in bondage, also they quite often are hunting objects as are owners not only fluffy fur, but also edible meat.

So what relation to favourite drink this small animal and why I describe it here has? Juicy detail of the most fragrant Kopi Luwak its origin, and literally is. The civet eats fruits of a coffee tree and chooses at the same time, naturally, the ripest and selected berries. The pulp of fruits is digested, and undigested seeds pass a digestive tract of an animal, gaining all those qualities which this grade of coffee is so appreciated.

A special taste of grain of coffee is developed, passing through a digestive tract of a civet. Kopi Luwak differs in unique taste in which taste of butter, honey and nougat is felt. After its use you will long feel this taste in a mouth. The substance impacting so unique relish to coffee is tsibetin which is a part of gastric juice of civets. Besides tsibetin it is applied also in medicine and perfumery.

There is an opinion, and it is necessary to agree with it that civets under natural conditions eat only the ripest berries of coffee (we select for you the best grains...).

Kopi Luwak really is one of the most expensive grades of coffee and painfully hits the pocket of the ordinary consumer. Of course, it does not stop true judges of coffee. In shops its price fluctuates within 150 - 170 US dollars for pound.

What it is possible to tell in conclusion? Drink coffee and good luck!]