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HUSBAND: lost and found again. It is necessary to you?

the Family at us usual. Family as family. Met, pleasant each other and got married to parents on pleasure. Yes, of course, and quarrels happened everyones, and offenses. I quarreled at us usually, and he took offense. I for it and the most beautiful, and the cleverest! Also he began to obey me more than the mother, and I knew - he will not run away from me anywhere.

Happened we will gather with girlfriends, all complain - at one husband at work became to be late at another - in business trips became constant visitor; and I all played a trick on them, I supposedly also am glad that wash a petty intrigue twirled, so not, stays at home, looks eyes of a St. Bernard, gives a paw...

And here in fine spring day comes back my blessed of shop (I behind sour cream sent it) and directly to me from a threshold the mood spoils: My dear, I loved you immensely, but to you something is eternal all not so .

Of course, not so if instead of sour cream kefir brought! by

In a word, he met another and left to it... All about it told me - gray such, in a bare coat and boots with the broken lightning, and across the person an inscription - the man is always right .

Generally, the mood at me this day deteriorated, and I began to think out the artful plan of vengeance.

Ya knew that we still will meet - things to it need to be taken away!

On the first meeting I prepared for it myself in all the beauty. It opened a door the key and, allegedly, took me unawares - I was in night-clothes, just from a shower .

Having screamed Oh! I started putting on. He was taken aback supposedly earlier you so did not hesitate of me.

On what I reported to it that earlier he was my husband, and now foreign man. However, we will not swear! Late now to sort out the relations. Let`s remain good friends .

it most of all touched It. It is probable when he decided to report to me about the new passion, hoped that I will suffer.

Now it had extremely anxious look...

When he began to pack the things, I readily rushed to help him, and willingly stuffed things on bags, shouting at the same time that he did not forget the tape recorder and an ashtray which I presented it for Christmas.

Obligingly threw bed linen which was presented to us by his parents in a suitcase - take, do not hesitate, nothing - that from you is not necessary to me.

And then I told that I madly got hungry and went to warm a lunch, and it with pleasure joined me.

Ya serene tone asked on his new life, gave advice as the friend who needs to support conversation.

In perplexity it was removed to the Grey Neck...

I exulted, but to a victory was still far. However, that day I realized that I will return it and then for life I will ascend to a throne of our marriage.

Through his close friend I learned in what restaurant he invited the Ms. the Faceless Mouse.

Exactly in eight, I in all magnificence, under a hand with the old university companion decided to visit this institution.

Saw them from far away, at that very moment, when the Grey Neck tried to squeeze romantically the hand under his palm. The husband looked at it puzzly, with me he had not to think much.

Soon he noticed us, greeted, jealously inspected my satellite and invited us to join their little table. I presented them the friend, and he me the Alya. I read

In her eyes that she solved my maneuver. Well, the darling, I fight in all ways known to me.

My ex-husband suggested us to join, she inertly protested, and I pretended that I hear nothing. Such witty and charming I never was in life.