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It is a pity for the Birdie ? 10 ways to cut onions without tears of

The grandfather Sits, in hundred fur coats it is dressed who undresses him, that sheds tears . The reason of such lachrymation of this plant is covered in special substance - a lakrimator. On - Latin lacrima is a tear. As reflects the main property of this flying matter - to cause tears. At allocation the lakrimator is dissolved in liquid. At hit of a lakrimator in mucous eyes sulfuric acid which irritates a mucous membrane is emitted.

As when cutting onions we roar from this lakrimator, so not to cry, it is necessary to lower its activity. Therefore 10 ways to cut onions without tears are no other than 10 ways to lower activity of a lakrimator.

1. Cold water. As the lakrimator is dissolved in water, with its help it is possible to reduce as much as possible allocation of a lakrimator in air. There are several ways of use of cold water in order to avoid onions activity at once. The first of them - to moisten a knife with cold water.

2. Cold water. If to be accustomed, then it is possible to cut onions directly in water. For this purpose gather in a wide vessel of water, completely ship in it onions and there, at the bottom cut it. In this case the lakrimator will not get to air at all, so you with guarantee do not drop teardrops.

3. Cold water. Eyewitnesses claim that if during cutting of onions to keep silent, then tears will not be. Frankly speaking, what physics of this process, I do not know.

4. Cold water. If before cutting of onions to pour over the person water, then on the way to an eye the lakrimator will be dissolved in the water which was found to it on the way.

Everything, with water finished.

5. Fan. Can be put near a chopping board the fan which will blow off all lakrimator away. Perhaps, at such way the lakrimator will be blown off to the neighboring rooms where will irritate eyes of your members of household. Of course, it is possible to find the mass of advantages in this way. For example, if it is necessary to teach a good lesson the idler - the husband.

6. Swimming points or diving mask. Closing eyes thus, we create to a lakrimator a simple barrier. Looks ridiculously, but the result is really effective.

7. Candle. the Flame is capable to burn all impurity which are contained in air. By the way, directly together with oxygen. Therefore before cutting of onions it is possible to put the lit candle nearby.

8. Correct breath. the Way which is often recommended by housewives, but actually effectless, - to breathe through the mouth, but not through a nose. Mucous a nose at the birth of onions tears there is nothing at all.

9. Salt. Can salt a chopping board, it is better large on which it is necessary to cut onions. Unreliable way. The juice emitted when cutting onions will be absorbed by salt. However it will not secure against allocation of a lakrimator in air and consequently - from hit of a lakrimator in your eyes.

10. Food processor. Really what can be more convenient, simpler and is more modern? Only nuance: the bowl of the combine has to be closed. The blender will not help with this question.

And in general, couples of onions are very effective as a prophylactic from flu and cold. So charge an onions razdelyvaniye to those for whom such prevention is most necessary - to children.]