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Wears the watch showing 24 hours of

In tm. iatp. net are considered the mistakes made by us and as sets of sciences which brought to the fact that in the world there are fractional (approximate) and imaginary, also logarithmic, subradical, irrational, transcendental also other numbers were created. We were trained and continue to be trained on the basis of these reasonings. It is clear, that no great teacher in the world will bring up us to geniuses. At schools, in higher education institutions and in other educational institutions taught all these reasonings, and graduates turned out artificial intelligence (robots) and now we do not know that with them to do: it is a pity to throw out them, to keep there are no places. These reasonings are so strong tied with truth - the corrected errors that they still went in the general team towards the uniform aim. Now we should revise the having theories.

the First mistake made by us is in calculation of time. In the world there is a set of calendars which to contradict each other. In Muslim calendars birthday, significant holidays note in one day to year. And Oraz - a Bayram, Kurban - a Bayram always happen to shifts for the 10th days. Such paradoxes are available also in others. Therefore the new calendar is offered.

the Inscribed in a circle correct hexagon with diagonals is a cube prototype where radius = a cube edge. An edge of a cube =1 , from 360 edges - 30 cubes. Year consists of the 360th days - 12 months, and month 30 days (there are no months for days 28, 29, 31), every day from rising before sunrise - 24 hours. In month of the 5th week, and week - the 6th days. Year begins and comes to an end 1 - go March - the birth is a spring. 30 - go February - the end of the year. In a year 180 odd (man`s) and 180 even (female) days. 8 - go March - female, this days - Tuesday. Corresponds to each number from 1 to the 30th days: Monday: 1, 7, 13, 19, 25; Tuesday: 2, 8, 14, 20, 26; Wednesday: 3, 9, 15, 21, 27; Thursday: 4, 10, 16, 22, 28; Friday: 5, 11, 17, 23, 29; Saturday: 6, 12, 18, 24, 30. A weeks 144 hours, in a month 720, and a year 8640 hours. Seasons 4 - a projection of a cube of a rubik about 2: spring, summer, fall and winter, every 90th day.

Risings and sunsets in every day, emergence of a new moon could not every 30th days and gods who are thought up by us, prophets and others will not be able to change.

the Earth`s surface - a square, is divided into the 24th time zones - 576 squares. Each squares differ from each other for 1 hour. Each party of a square has length of 1000 km. The navel (center) of a square - is a point of intersection of the line of the equator, a meridian, a vertical or crossing of diagonals. Square diagonals - are East borders - the West, a zenith - a nadir, the North - the South. The cube has the 6th basis: the opposite, return and specularly reflected square which is in pairs divided on 3: the East - the West, a zenith - a nadir, the North - the South. The point of intersection of diagonals of a cube is the center (navel). The earth is in 7 - oh an octant of Solar system, and we live 360 - measured cubic system of coordinates. All other systems of coordinates are wrong and distorted. Therefore we recommend to

carrying the hours showing 24 hours. Now hours on winter and summer are not required the translation. Should not there are shifts.

the Circle is divided radius into 6 equal parts, that with a diameter at 3. If points of division it is combinable straight line pieces, then we will receive the correct hexagon and if through one point, then we receive two equilateral triangles. Crossings of two equilateral triangles forms David`s star.

In the correct hexagon makes each internal corner 120 . The person and all photographing devices sees 120 .

Length of perimeter of a square is equal to the sum of 4 parties, length of a circle is equal to 3 diameters. Then the area of a circle is equal ¾ areas of a square. From here the problem to a circle quadrature is easily solved - to construct a square, equal to this circle. The volume of a sphere is equal ¾ cube volume. From here the problem of doubling of a cube is solved - to construct the cube having volume twice bigger (smaller) than this cubic

If to watch Earth from the Sun or from other planets, then it will be a point (ball) - a sphere in a cube and at the same time a cube - rubik an order of n x n x n. And other planets which are in 5 parties from the Sun one point, various size. If from Earth we watch

at other planets which are in 5 parties, will also be one point. We that live inside - the Earth`s surface - the cube is in a sphere therefore we will not be able to see what planets are below - a nadir. It can be carried out only by means of spaceships or Earth has to be very transparent. If we carry out by

the equator, a meridian and verticals of the Universe, then the center is the Sun. For those planets of the Universe which are east part the Sun ascends from the West, and for us from the East etc. of

the Correct octagon, inscribed in a circle it is possible to present as crossings of two squares. Then the modified Ptolemaeus`s theorem can be formulated so: in any square, inscribed in a circle, work of diagonals equally in works of the opposite parties. Are equal in a square of diagonal and the party, a diagonal square to equally doubled square of one party. If we designate

one diagonal through a, and the party - b, then we will receive: a x a = b x b+b x b.

needs to be noticed that we live in Earth, on a square surface. At home in which there live people have to have on appearance as the Egyptian pyramids, and apartments has the cubic form and kitchen gardens for each intelligence to grow up food has square shape.

the Plane can be covered precisely with a square, the square becomes covered by 4 rectangular triangles with equal legs. Space externally become covered by cubes, and internally correct bipyramids. The bases of bipyramids - squares. The parties of the basis direct, respectively divided - multiple on n.

Prospect - the square system of coordinates for the image of volume bodies on the plane (surface) considering their spatial structure and can always count remoteness of separate parts from the observer (center). The observer is in the center - in a point of intersection of diameters of a circle and sees 120 and in 3 turns on a second, minute and hour hand and against them sees 360 . These rules remain invariable when the observer watches the West, a zenith, a nadir, the North and the South at the East.

of People is born in 9 months - ¾ years, the age is defined 4n/3 +1 where n age, +1 - in mother`s womb. From here it turns out what every 3 year to add to age 1. It is offered to clone eternal and ideal intelligence, and each winner of a beauty contest, forever young - 25 years healthy and the heads work as the computer. Each person and his making cages and each integer - single copies, has a name, monads and colors. When we call

number, it is necessary to present them as a cube - rubik an order n x n x n, each 6 sides are divided squares of an order of n x n. Means, each body - is one of its cages. Then part to equally whole. In one cage all information on the body is enclosed. Each of parts independently, but it is identical whole, i.e. each intelligence is so god or the goddess, as well as god or the goddess.

One cell of each created body can be multiplied the maximum quantity. Then to magnetize a half of them negative, and another - positive charges. Then according to the drawing to clone. At the same time bolts, nails, screws, weldings, etc. are not required. To enter the anti-virus program of high level with updates into the created bodies. We act this way when we create superfast computers and exact devices. Then intelligence need no drugs, operations both eternally healthy and young.

All specified statements work for the Universe and concern all, are necessary to all, they exist not for the elite and consist generality of ideas and ideals for Mankind. Each of them are a necklace which consist of a set of pearls, but keeps on one thread - on one science - to Arifgrafa, so that, stringing pearls not to lose any pearl and not to let go the ends of a thread. I. Kepler wrote

: My purpose consists in showing that the heavenly car has to be similar not to a divine organism, and to a clockwork as all movements arise by the one and only and very simple magnetic force . We still did not understand that two minuses and two pluses make a start but only one minus and one plus are attracted, at the same time make inheritance. We - that united in any ways two minuses and two pluses (put) and came into a fortune. Now new year to meet

on March 1 with sunrise, this evening the new moon appears.]