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VTF: desirable accepted as valid

In further VTF - the great theorem of Fermat

Calendars, cultures, sciences, educations, religions and languages existed and exist for those who do not know their sense but only remember the main statements and formulas. Therefore We appeared various got toys. We acted, without understanding even essence of addition and multiplication of two integers.

If √ n are also not taken roots, exist fractional (confidants) and imaginary numbers. Many people cannot understand in any way that if to subtract from zero 5, then it will turn out - 5 and if to put, then + 5. It was mistakenly understood so:

X = 0 + 5; Y = 0 - 5; X+Y = 0, XY = - 25. If X = 0 + 5i; Y = 0 - 5i; X+Y = 0, XY =25. If integers of X =a and Y =a, then adding to an and subtracting

from and, numbers b, bi, √ b and √ bi also received:

X = a + b, Y = a - b, X + Y = 2a, X x Y = (a + b) x (a - b) = a x a - bxb;

X = a + bi, Y = a - bi, X + Y = 2a, X x Y = (a + bi) x (a - bi) = a x a + b x b;

X = a + √ b, Y = a - √ b, X + Y = 2a, X x Y = (a + √ b) x (a - √ b) = a x a - b;

X = a + √ bi, Y = a - √ bi, X + Y = 2a, X x Y = (a + √ bi) x (a - √ bi) = a x a + b,

where i = √ - 1, i x i = - 1. Apparently from above the specified equalities that the sum of X + Y = 2a, and the work X x Y turns out at the same time 4 incorrect answers. Replacing letters an and b with integers, we receive a set of absurdities. For example, X = 2 + i, Y = 2 - I, X + Y = 4, X x Y = 5, X =2 + 3i, Y = 2 - 3I, X + Y = 4, XY = 13 - exist witches - nonsense!

By the way we considered X + Y =2 a XY = a x an as system of the equations, and consolidated its decision to a quadratic equation, or called them Vieta theorem. We use

River. Descartes the created method of rectangular system of coordinates on the plane, and in space parallelepipedny. The rectangle - is the figure received from compression or stretching of a square. The parallelepiped is the figure received from compression or stretching of a cube. Spatial curves are the figures received from compression or stretching of a sphere. Curves of the second order are the figures received from compression or stretching of a circle.

Really, has to be on the plane square, and space 360 - measured cubic system of coordinates. The space becomes covered by a cube and at the same time a cube - rubiky, and the plane becomes covered by a square and at the same time magic, Latin the projection of one of 6 sides of a cube - a rubik is squares-. The square table is a cube projection - a rubika that means a square precisely becomes covered by small squares, the space is precisely filled with cubes, small the identical size and color. All this

graphic representations of numbers and the created bodies are. From here it is possible to create uniform science Arifgraf - the science uniting all sciences together does what is necessary and as it is possible and does not depend on will and desire of the user. By means of this science are proved that there is no death and there is paradise that demand carrying out experiments. They will pass successfully since are based on additions and multiplication of integers - the fresh wording of the great theorem of Fermat:

of Zst. n = Hst. n + Yst. n, Zst. n = Hst. nyst. n and Zst. n = - (Hst. n + Yst. n), Zst. n = (-Hst. n) (-Yst. n) = (XY) of the Art. n.

These ratios is reduced to a look:

of ADC... FGH... VWX + abc fgh vwy = 999 999 999 = Z,

of ADC FGH... VWX... abc fgh vwy = Z.

where each letter is one of figures: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 0, and X - even: 2, 4, 6, 8, 0, and y - odd: 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 numbers, and X+Y = 9=Z, A + a = 9, , W + w =9.

Apparently from a formula that it represents parosochetaniye in the full chromatic two-submultiple count where by X - even numbers - codes are located in the increasing order, and - odd numbers - codes are located Y decreasing an order. At the same time to an even code - number 000 000 000 there corresponds the odd code - number 999 999 999, and 111 111 111 - 888 888 888, 000 000 002 - 999 999 997. Means, each code - number is addition of each other.

Thus, VTF reveals secrets of sciences, educations and problems are identified, entered in the list urgent, comes to an edge of the new problems conducting to not the won tops and are reduced to need :

- the terminations of birth rate in the world, since. created robots enough and so cared for them, brought up, saved and praised for centuries so, maybe, sometime from them it will turn out extraordinary precious, and everything turned out in vain and vice versa;

- to cancel various money since they brought people to live in the perverted world where the capital is higher than work, individual qualities of intelligence are crippled under oppression of money and riches that are similar to the one who plowed, but does not sow, even sowed and there is no harvest;

- to develop one house, the area of a kitchen garden, so that the Earth`s surface was covered precisely with eternal and ideal intelligence and to extend worldwide;

- developments a sieve - the filter, showing who is - who, violations of a code - numbers and not carrying out duties preventing to live and work to talents, geniuses;

- the developments of the volume screen on the basis of computers calculating 100 trillion operation per second for display of each person of the world as it is and what it will be,

as from one cell of each person - artificial intelligence (robot) are cloned eternal and ideal intelligence. to begin with

After full belief of each person of the world productions of cloning of eternal and ideal 1 trillion (on 500 billion women and men) intelligence, so to cover the Earth`s surface and then to think of other planets.

Now I have questions: how to go such mistakes further or to correct all made mistakes.

Should consider that ours of non-recognition the gross blunders made by ancestors and us are much stronger, than our recognitions than them. To recognition of the mistakes only eternal and ideal intelligence are worthy.

the Universe and Earth existed before emergence of Mankind and could live further. Means, it is possible correcting, gross blunders anew to revive Mankind!

Ah as it will be difficult to relieve Mankind from old, and decrepit traditions!]