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What we will be through one thousand years?

I why the person needs to know everything? For example, what will be Earth through one thousand years what will become him No, of course, in so long-term future do not wait for ourselves any more... And all the same thirst of knowledge directly - tears apart. And what to that reason? For one - desire to know what waits for ours a pr - a pr - a pr grandsons, for others, perhaps - conviction in reincarnation, and the main thing - banal curiosity. To the invention of a time machine, apparently, still far, but nobody forbids us to dream, to dream, think of the future, to study forecasts, to read works of futurologists and to independently build improbable hypotheses. Or rather, they just now seem to us improbable...

Today the mankind rose by a step of boundless self-improvement. Futurologists say that in the XXI century there will be most enormous opening in the field of biology. And today - experiments on cloning, achievements in the field of genetic engineering and many other things completely change idea of the person of world around and of itself. And how these opening will influence us? How the person, say, through one thousand years will change? For a start we will try to present what metamorphoses will be undergone by our appearance.

According to geneticists, by the end of the third millennium the mankind in large quantities will find swarty skin, dark hair and will change a section of eyes.

And it is quite difficult to b to argue with it. In general, already now not a secret that above-named signs are prepotent in comparison with classical Slavic lines - blue eyes and a fair hair. Besides, we see that birth rate at Caucasian weight decreases while representatives of Mongoloid weight make already ¼ the globe, and the increase in population promptly increases.

Many anthropologists in general are sure that evolution of the person as species is not finished and proceeds to this day, and through one thousand years physical parameters will exchange radically. For example, growth will increase, the mass of a brain which receptacle will be quite large head and on the contrary, the sizes of jaws and teeth will decrease will increase.

Optimistical forecasts of gerontologists convince us that life expectancy of the person of the future will increase to several hundred years! Well, everything is possible, already today the mankind made sharp breakthrough in the field of research of mechanisms of aging, studying of human genome, development of effective methods of treatment of diseases forward . It seems, the invention most youth elixir not far off. In any case, the great number of scientists is anxious with this process, and new developments about which will shortly exorcise the whole world are conducted every day. As they say, to live only. However, and here not everything is simple how it seems - the person holds the power over longevity in own hand, favorable ecology and healthy food as the main guarantees of longevity, nobody cancelled. And on what path we will curtail through several hundreds of years - a big question.

And here psychologists connect quite iridescent forecasts with our mental capacities. In their opinion, I.Q. of our descendants will fly up practically to heaven. As neurobiologists consider, the brain of the person of the third millennium will be improved so that any formula from the higher mathematics will not be more difficult than an example from the multiplication table for it. Another words, the person is on the threshold of an era of genius. In any field of people will be able to reach the highest skill with ease. In a word, all those whom we call geniuses today will join the general flow of ordinary citizens.

Probably, you should not say that considerable changes in tenor of life of the modern person will be made by a general computerization. Today numerous disputes on what fruits will be borne to mankind by so detailed development of the world of technologies are conducted. Among general triumph in this respect it is possible to meet also a set of cautions. For example, Stanislav Lem from pages of the books warns that the modern world can be captured by the total schizophrenia caused by penetration of virtual reality and into all spheres of human life. And in its novel The World on the earth consequences of race of arms in " are shown; intellektronny option.

However, not superfluous will be to remind that about a half of the forecasts made by futurologists in 60 - x of the last century, did not come true. Among them - a two-way communication with alien reason, symbiosis of the person and the electronic machine, the faultless weather forecasts, preparations raising I.Q. and increase in life expectancy at least till 120 years. So also you should not take today`s forecasts about the future in all good faith, so far it is only versions.

However, as well as always, the person can hope on future light and happy. For example, on it as what it appears in To Mira Poldnya brothers Strugatsky. The person of the future - is healthy, beautiful and physically developed. From the modern person it is distinguished by highly developed morals, deep feeling of responsibility for themselves and the neighbor, almost physiological inability to inflict pain and suffering on somebody. Ideal world, isn`t that so? But the modern person, in fact, builds the World of Half a day already today. And if we are not capable to influence biological changes which wait for us, then we spread the ethical base on a brick, raising the children and imparting it our knowledge, ideas of morals and human values.

The subject of the future is immense, difficult and inconsistent. And studying of forecasts and scenarios - the most fascinating occupation. Study and stake! And we will live, as they say, - we will see!]