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How to enter the symbols which are absent on the keyboard?

It is representable a banal situation: you need to enter a special symbol into any text, but on the keyboard there is no key with such symbol. How to be?

If you work in a text editor of Word, then there are no problems: you choose the Insert menu -> the Symbol In the opened Symbol dialog box you choose the necessary symbol, you press the Insert key (it is possible to carry out an insert double click of the left button of a mouse on the chosen symbol).

And if you work in unadvanced a text editor, for example, in Notebook (by the way, very conveniently to use the Notebook program as a notebook - for the current records and notes. Since it weighs it is less, than Word, is quicker loaded and to work in it quicker)? How to be?

An exit is, and it always near at hand! Press and hold the Alt key , and on the additional digital keyboard (the digital block is located in the right part of the keyboard) gather a symbol code. When you release the Alt key , the necessary symbol will be inserted into the text.

Codes of some symbols are listed below:

0123 (or 123 ) {

0124 (or 124 ) |

0125 (or 125 ) }

0126 (or 126 ) ~

0130 the lower unary quote

of 0132 opening pad

0133 dots

of 0134 cross (dagger) of

0135 double cross (double dagger) of

0136 of symbol of euro

0137 of % symbol of per mille

0139 left corner


0145 the top unary quote (the turned apostrophe) of

0146 an apostrophe

of 0147 closing pad

0148 English closing pad

0149 fat point on the

center 0150 - a short dash (minus)

0151 - a dash

of 0153 a 0155 trade mark

right corner



0167 paragraph

0169 symbol of a copyright

0171 opening fir-tree

0172 to


0176 a symbol of degree




0183 a point on the

center 0185 No.

0187 closing fir-tree

Knowledge of these codes (or at least existence near at hand the printed leaf with these codes) allows to increase work speed on the keyboard even in Word`e.

The note the digital block of the keyboard Has to be switched on by

(if it is not included, include its pressing the NumLock keys).]