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What Coca - Cola differs from Pepsi in - Cola?

the Pepsi Trademarks - Cola and Coca - Cola occupy the separate, historically developed niche of drinks today. Trying to pull a blanket of consumers on himself, the companies making these drinks wage advertizing wars from time immemorial.

the Theory and

Historically Coca - Cola appeared earlier, than Pepsi. Though both drinks were invented by druggists as the exciting, amusing medicine capable even to improve digestion. By the way, both pharmaceutical opening were patented.

And so. At the beginning of the century way " Coca; had cardinal distinction: Coca - Cola included cocaine from leaves cooks (by the way, favourite drug of Indians of Bolivia) and caffeine from Coca nuts. Pepsi - Cola did not support either that, or another, but moved ahead as the drink similar to Coca - Cola, and the name forced to think that it contains useful pepsin. Objective borders between drinks began to be erased in 1903 when cocaine was forbidden to be used in production Coca - Cola.

Further - it is more. Structure both stake constantly changed. So, there passed about 70 years from the first day of emergence of Coca - Cola, and caffeine as tranquilizing means was removed from its structure. Tranquilizing? And how coffee? - You ask. And in any way - we will answer you. The matter is that caffeine coffee contains scanty quantity. There it is even less of it, than in green tea. Some percent of caffeine in stakes too is, but it is so reduced that it is not capable to encourage even the slept person.

Today both drinks consist, generally of sugar and water. Also they contain various acids, for example, lemon. It burns mucous a stomach, causing at the same time false feeling of shortage of water in an organism, simply speaking - I am eager. By the way, in this part of article it will be pertinent to discredit the myth that in a glass with " Coca; it is possible to dissolve a piece of meat. And so: the piece of meat can be dissolved in any liquid where there is lemon acid. But we eat orange, receiving at the same time only one advantage for an organism.

As well as in all carbonated drinks, in stakes there are dyes, acidity regulators,   preservatives; and other additives. And so they - that just are also harmful to health. On this place it is worth reflecting. Especially, if " Coca; your child drinks.

... practice

If to ask any person what he loves more, Coca - Cola or Pepsi, then the answer will be given unambiguous, either that, or another. You think matter in taste? By no means.

Scientists claim that the person is not capable to distinguish a glass with Pepsi from same with Coca - Cola. Neither on color, nor to taste, nor on a smell. Preferences any of these drinks are given by your brain, but not your receptors. That is - everything depends at most a brand and the advertizing company. And if who does not trust - be influenced by this experiment. It is desirable several times to exclude a possibility of coincidence.


This article is not either advertizing, or an anti-advertizing of this or that drink. The choice of this subject is caused especially by interest of the author of this opus.