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How celebrate New year in China? (Legends and traditions)

the Chinese New year differs from habitual to us calendar, at least radically with the fact that every year time of its celebration drops out on different numbers. For example, last year it was on January 18, in it the holiday will already be celebrated on February 7. It is connected with the fact that east New year comes in the first spring new moon, and therefore it is not attached to change of number in a calendar, and directly depends on the movement of our companion - the Moon. And of course, as well as all people of the world, at Chinese have a set of traditions, signs and superstitions,

connected with this holiday Since ancient times before Chun Jie (A holiday of spring) Chinese were locked in the houses, hiding from a huge monster Nian (on - Chinese Nian designates year ) . As the legend says, the monster got out every year of the sea and devoured all live that to it occurred in the path it walks on the ground. Those who were locked and stayed at home, ate, drank and prayed, lived up to morning, woke up, went outside to see damage and to visit neighbors. So lasted until until Chinese learned that Nian is frightened red color and strong noise. Quite so there was a tradition to celebrate New year in a red attire, and during a holiday to burn down fireworks and petards.

Therefore before a meeting of New year Chinese stock up with various fireworks and petards in advance. From them this tradition removed also to us, but very few people know its mission. In the countries spread on open spaces of the former CIS, petards on the eve of New year just blow up, and only admire fireworks. Chinese purposely blow up petards and fireworks in the first New Year`s day. As the legend says, except Nian at this time across all China the bad spirits expelled from different places fly. They look for a haven next year. And petards and fireworks, on a legend, frighten off spirits and by that do not allow them to become populated in the new house.

The Chinese new year is, first of all, a family holiday. The New Year`s dinner does not begin until at a table all family members do not gather. What is surprising, Chinese even provide places at a table for those people who for any reasons could not visit this significant evening. As soon as the dinner comes to an end, by tradition adults give to children money in red envelopes. This money in new year as it is supposed, has to bring them happiness. In ancient times money gave not in envelopes, and in the form of necklaces which were formed from hundred coins. It was the peculiar congratulation wishing to live to the person up to hundred years. However, necklaces from hundred coins and are very popular today in China.

During celebration of New year Chinese devote to prayers and gifts to gods much time. Since ancient times it was necessary to worship gods of the Sky and Earth. In a monument of the Chinese literature Shujing it is said that in the very ancient time there was time when the Sky met with Earth and people could communicate with gods quietly. The book remained to this day, and now this record in it became a legend. Chinese consider that on New Year`s Eve gods go down from the Sky to Earth, and people have to meet and bring well them to them something a food. Usually it is products from beans. Still in the ancient time beans allocated with the property preserving against evil spirits and evil spirits. Besides viands presented rice which carried the name rice of a meeting of gods . But to communicate to spirits, on a holiday table there have to be two red candles and aromas. They as Chinese consider, give the chance to communicate to gods this night.

The ceremony " is very popular in China; first exit . It is made right after approach of New year. People leave the house in specified in a horoscope successful the direction, also take about ten steps, and then come back. Thus they celebrate god of pleasure.

There is also one more very interesting tradition - fisticuffs. Only young guys can participate in them. Usually the set of the people gathered and gathers on such duels. The one who wins fight provides himself with good luck and happiness next year.

Amusing tradition - receiving in gift of two tangerines. This tradition arose in 1000 B.C. As well as all people of the world, Chinese after a meeting of New year start walking to each other on a visit. And therefore, going to someone, Chinese always take with themselves two tangerines. In the Chinese pronunciation phrase two " tangerines; it is similar to the word " gold;. Therefore if you receive as a present two tangerines, it means that automatically wish you comfortable year. But, having received an orange fruit, you have to take from the table also two tangerines and present them to guests that also to wish them not less successful year...

Chinese before celebrating New year, carry very carefully out cleaning in the houses. What is interesting: they sweep the floor from a door to the center of the room. After the house is cleaned, all whisks, scoops, rags go away to the place where nobody during a holiday could see them. The reason of such strange behavior is covered also in a legend: gods during celebration of New year fly about houses of Chinese and give them dust which symbolizes happiness. Therefore if you are tidied up during New year, then you can incidentally sweep out all happy moments of the future from the house together with dust

And now when we got acquainted with legends and traditions of China, we had an occasion We can give the traditional toast with champagne and drink for the Chinese New year. Yes, also do not forget to throw out couple of petards in a window leaf!]