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The virtual world - reality?

the Increasing force in our everyday life are got by the virtual world. And naturally there are resources in worldwide network that copy reality in this or that look and help people though a little to forget about problems. Such projects set: from fenteziyny genres and before social games. About the last the speech will also go.

So, the first in turn and the most known resource Second Life is (www. world2. ru). Here the whole world opens that grows and develops, it is possible to find people from any piece of Earth in this game, many world companies, banks, TV channels and publishing houses have the representations in the virtual world. Game has remarkable graphics and provides great opportunities to the user. Here it is possible to lead full-fledged second life: from visit of various exhibitions before participation in auctions and stock market game.

But if you do not possess Internet access with a sufficient speed (256 kb / with, and in practice and 512 it is not enough), then you will not manage to estimate open spaces of this resource. Also Second Life is whimsical to computer resources, on some models of video cards game can not be started at all.

One more interesting project that deserves attention, the House 3 (www. dom3. ru). It is purely Russian resource though in it it is possible to meet users from Ukraine, Belarus. In difference from Second Life the client to this game is less exacting to the computer and speed of the Internet (I without visible problems played already on 128 kb / c). Into game the portal of acquaintances (or a portal is integrated into game) that allows to find to itself the interlocutor, the workmate or couple playing. The pleasant graphics and quite not the difficult interface allow to orient quickly in the world the House 3 and to derive pleasure from the first minutes of game.

But Everywhere there are the but The house 3 is quite not stable: often certain functions in the game do not work, and there are also problems with an entrance to game.

If you want to test game that copies reality, but for any reasons you cannot use the Internet, - the game Sims 2 is the best exit from this situation. The magnificent graphics, a set of opportunities is saddened only by the fact that in all virtual the worlds a person are only you, but any obligations - only game.

As for it - a line of games of other genre (for example, so-called MMORPG) I would advise to visit www. ereality. ru, www. neverlands. ru, www. brokenworld. ru, www. wiw. ru. Each of them is interesting in own way, but you to choose on what to spend the time.

And one more big minus of all existing online projects - users can be lost in a world wide web. Be careful, do not allow virtual life to force out reality, there is so much fine around]