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Offense! Offense?

Offense, this scary, slippery, cold word OFFENSE. How many times you were offended today? How many people close to you you already managed to offend? Or perhaps only you gather? You take offense? For a second remember on whom? For what? And he (she) you think, you were offended intentionally? Or you just took and took offense just like that, preventively?

How many questions only one word can raise. And how many emotions. I took offense constantly, I just could not live without offense. I got up in the morning and took offense at an alarm clock what he so early calls? In a bathroom on: it was again cut, a gum krovit, bags under eyes - really I cannot look better? Again tea with long loaf how I forgot to buy cottage cheese? And in general from what I have to eat this useful cottage cheese if at all is there is no wish? Again offense. And as soon as on the horizon people appear - the most interesting begins...

- Hi! Again did not greet,

- How are you doing? But that your affairs are not interesting to me, well give quicker, well quicker I hurry, and in general why I asked it it?

- Oh, yes you shine today! When I cease to lie?

A darling? You remember? I was just on the ball! I broke world records on silence at an entrance, however, not only at an entrance. I just could not leave home so far my girl will not begin to cry, through my fault. I could spoil mood all attendee only from - for the fact that they did not distract from the conversation when I came. And mother, the father, the grandfather, the grandmother, probably, just suffered. I love them for it.

Yes I was a master. The master of causing pain - to people, myself, I think, even to things from me got! Now I remember it quietly. Though there was everyone

A you?

Offense! Offense! Offense! Today I write

about it to tell WHERE there lives the offense. Remember the last offense, it is desirable significant for you. It is possible to close eyes. Remember a situation, lose once again, do not change anything, just live it, EXPERIENCE offense. The main thing - at the same time to watch the body. Keeping attention on all the body, look for a site (lump) of discomfort even if it will be not really obvious, be attentive to the most insignificant movements in themselves. And so - your offense borrows, some certain site in a body as some lump, feeling of a raspiraniye or pressure, at everyone differently. So, the first - we find . The second - we are enough also we hold. This site can move from place to place, it is unimportant change coloring, intensity, just hold.

ATTENTION is that " channel; communication between your consciousness and your body. And of course there is a question how many time needs to do it and why in general?

, How many? It is necessary to do it to exhaustion before the offense suddenly, instantly disappears, leaving behind emptiness. The main thing not to stop - it can take seconds or minutes depending on qualities offenses. The situation, the longer though you can argue with it was more offensive.

What for? For a start it is possible to do it for the sake of experiment - will turn out or not, the truth or not. It is possible especially for disposal of offense or for understanding of the body, everyone will have the result. And it it will be obligatory.

Any action has to be complete, you need to feel this moment. It is difficult to confuse it, it is transition from a condition of discomfort to emptiness. You feel release from need of the application of former efforts, understanding. And the result from incomplete work will not be. Only the complete effort will bring you result which nobody will be able to take away from you.

Feeling of emptiness which will replace offense will be a miscellaneous, it pleasant because is not present offense, just there is no everything also, but it wants to be filled with something. Try - it is interesting. We will talk about emptiness filling next time.]