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Why to the romantic of a star?

of the Girl are artful. Especially during the romantic period. Sometimes after a romantic meeting you realize yourself on the edge of a civilization, at a lonely female hostel, in total darkness. Night outside. Deaf. Romanticism! Lamps do not burn (or they are absent just), but it is necessary to go somewhere. And here, choosing at random the road, you go up hill and down dale or rather where do not look. Night is moonless, in the sky - a continuous veil. Well, prick an eye.

Roads designate the cars which are only alone hurrying home. But where they go? House, lovely house, where you? Thank you that hooligans already sleep peacefully in the beds. Careful mammies already fed a liquid them strong tea and pushed a popachkanny basin under a bed. Only you, the romantic, go it is unknown where. Under legs whether ditches, whether some stuff. But legs are still whole.

And suddenly, about heaven, out of the corner of the eye you notice cheerful winking. One asterisk, two asterisks, and is the best of all - five asterisks And here they already exchange winks among themselves in a gap of clouds and cheerfully laugh: Where you go, the romantic? Your house in other party. Thanks to ancient authors who arranged in the sky of an illustration of the dissolute stories. If not they, then where you would be? Here, at last, the guiding star lit to you a way. Forward! Or rather back! And here, at last, house, lovely house.

And how the romantic will be helped by stars?

Of course, the main thing is those dissolute stories about the inhabitants of the Olympus descending on the pleasant terrestrial fatties who are alone pining in towers. In the form of a golden shower, - some animal with horns and hoofs. All these stories are very romantic and fascinating. However, today many of them can be carried to zoophilia or to what more abruptly.

Quietly lying in a stack under the cold August sky speckled by diamonds of stars it is possible to remember about the Zodiac. And also about planets, aspects and other astrology. But you should not be fond. As it can turn out that the girl in astrology the much bigger expert. Otherwise - it is simply boring.

And still it is possible to remember bases of an occultism and legendary Hermes Trismegist with its smaragdovy, that is emerald, tables. He wrote to them that everything that above, like the fact that below. Occultists - that think that all this literally. Oriona there, in the sky, everyones, Swans and other living creatures. In total as on Earth. But in the annex to orientation in the sky this similarity is called a projection. Only navsy. And mysterious crystal spheres ancient are called today the heavenly sphere on which stars and other stars are projected. And also Earth with the poles and the equator.

But the main help to the romantic from stars consists that they will always specify to him a right way. The compass can leave to the huge tank buried fifty years ago. The sun in romantic hour does not shine any more. In the navigator battery mudflows. And it is necessary to go.

What for this purpose is necessary?

At first needs to study these stars. Their relative positioning. It is possible to study by means of celestial maps or atlases. It is even better to acquire the program - planetarium. Only it is necessary to run out to be verified periodically on the yard with the sky. The most advanced training option - mobile planetarium - the navigator. It costs quite much, but at the same time it is not necessary to run to spot home in the computer. All cards on hands moreover they are determined by the sky by itself.

The mutual provision of stars needs to be learned so that by a separate fragment of the sky to find out where there is the North Pole (or Youzhny). All know an example with two ladles of She-bears. This picture is drawn in children`s books. On distant from " handles; to the party ladle is Polar at distance of five pieces between bottom and tire . The same schemes can be constructed also on other characteristic figures. For example, on Pegasus`s square or Bolshom a letn - an autumn triangle.

Accurately to imagine where there are what parts of the heavenly sphere and as they correspond to Earth, it is necessary to imagine spherical geometry at least in general. And in general, it is necessary to have good spatial perception. If your future romantic still snuffles in a crib, then it is the best of all to start education of spatial thinking of year in 4 - 5. To rely on a school course of drawing or institute nachertalka it is impossible. They just formalize the existing thinking. Who was not in time - that was late.

Of course, it is necessary to understand very well why to us the North (or the South) and where we should go. Without knowledge, at least in general, the card on which you are you will not come anywhere.

With what stars can help? the Romantic meeting can end with

not so routinely as it is described in the beginning. After it holiday it is possible to regain consciousness in other dark place. So that stars are visible only in a shed crack, and Polar hides behind the neighboring mountain. And not two immemorial Russian questions, and - " happen the first questions in this situation; Who do I am? and Where I? . And here stars will also help to answer the second question, just. It is necessary to represent only accurately what stars appear in what timepoint of day and a season. For example, if you suddenly found out that over the head among summer Orion rose, then it is obvious not Russia. It, it is rather even, North America. And if over the head there is no " at all; romantic the constellation sent to the sky by ancient Greeks but only continuous equipment or geometry (The southern Cross or the Octant) then obviously South Pole is closer, than Northern. If over the head the Zodiac, then already the equator nearby.

And what cannot help the romantic?

in search of a way many nurseries, and it is frequent and not children`s books send us that to mosses and lichens, to the expanded herbs and the inclined trees or even to ant lodges. That to tserkva and cemeteries.

All trouble is that to all these objects absolutely all the same where there is a North or the South. Lichens are loved by humidity, a grass and ants - heat. And trees bend in general in different directions. Or depending on wind, or being discharged of footpaths (oh, they do not love us, romantics). At construction of churches measurement mistakes can be made. Well to rely on all this is means not to love itself and to hope for Russian perhaps that to the real romantic it is absolutely inadmissible. And in general in romantic hour of all this it is not visible. As well as cards, a compass and the road under legs.


Thanks ancient to romantics which recovered the sky, populating it astral spirits. Thanks to ancient astrologers who learned to calculate the provision of stars and planets. Thanks to modern scientists who divided all this on exact and the humanities. And thanks to ourselves when we practice the opportunities, studying all these such different " directions; romantic star sciences. Here will find for itself an opportunity to be developed and an estestvennik with mathematical mentality and the humanist adoring legends and myths of Ancient Hellas and the mystic conceiving absolutely of other categories. And everything together it promotes perfect harmonious thinking, so to darling ancient.]