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Who thought up to freeze products or What ruined Francis Bacon?

you will not surprise anybody with variety of the frozen semi-finished products on counters Presently any more, to be exact to tell, in deep freezes of our shops. Here to you both the most different mixed vegetables, and berries, and seafood, not to mention so all favourite pelmeni, pizzas, the ready test, eventually. Also we got used to freeze berries and greens that cold winter evenings could enjoy a fragrant piece of summer.

However very few people thought of the fact that freezing of products - technology non-standard. And someone once thought up it and made public. How it occurred, and this article will tell you.

So, in March of far 1626 the famous English philosopher, the member of Parliament Francis Bacon traveled around the North of England near the town Haygeyt. Behind windows of its carriage everything was white - is white from snow, then - that and the thought of that came to Bacon to mind, but whether process of decomposition of live matter can slow down snow. He immediately ordered to stop the carriage, bought chicken and with own hand stuffed its snow. Unfortunately, than this experience ended, we do not learn because Bacon during it travel caught the cold which developed into bronchitis and several weeks later died in a home of count of Arundelsky.

But time went, and three centuries later the American businessman Clarence Berdsi decided to vosplotit Bacon`s idea in life. Berdsi dreamed that it will be sometime possible to freeze products and to package them in small packings that will be very convenient as well as for sellers, and for buyers.

In 1912 and in 1916 Berdsi visited North - the East of Canada where he was engaged in sale of bellows. During the trip he noticed that locals stock the frozen food for the winter when to find something fresh it is almost impossible. Ice, cold wind and low temperatures did the part - fish froze through through literally during only a few moments. And when there came time to prepare it, on the flavoring and structural qualities it hardly differed from that that was just caught. Berdsi who once went in for biology drew a conclusion that thanks to the fact that fish freezes very quickly, the ice crystals destroying cellular structure just do not manage to be created and therefore the frozen fish does not lose the properties and does not spoil.

In 1924 Berdsi already patented technology on which fish, meat or vegetables were at first packed into special waxed cardboard boxes, and then were exposed to an instant freezing under the influence of low temperatures and a high pressure. It is possible to call this moment really revolutionary concerning questions of food.

Of course, in the our century which is eternally hurrying and inevitably rushing forward similar technologies have very and very opportunely. But you should not forget that nothing ever will be able to be compared to the berry which is just broken from a bush or the trout caught on fishing. In it is that and there are simple pleasures of our life. Bon appetit!