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How there live neighbors Santa - Claus?

The Deer stopped at a pathetic izba. The roof went down to the earth, and the door was such low that people had to crawl in it on all fours. At home there was one old woman the Lapp frying fish by the light of a fatty lamp. The reindeer told the Lapp all story of Gerda, but at first told own - it seemed to him much more important. Gerda so stiffened from cold, of course could not When Gerda was warmed, ate and drank, the Lapp wrote a couple of words on a dried cod, ordered to protect properly to Gerda it, then tied the girl to a back of a deer, and that rushed off again.

Here it is so picturesque also unvarnished G. H. Andersen in the tale of the snow queen described life of Lapps - the northern people living on current representations near Santa - Claus. Severe frosts, poor living conditions, a cod instead of paper and the only reliable being - a deer who can entrust the child.

And how residents of those regions live today? Lapland is a northern part of the Scandinavian Peninsula, the homeland of falls or as they call themselves, Sami. Once Sami entirely were nomads. On boundless snow-covered open spaces they drove numerous herds of deer.

Today almost all falls live in the cities. And can feel the real reindeer breeders only on holidays. Traditional cervine games - the only joy of Sami. For them they, as national superiority or even the World Cup. To sports deer cut horns, so more safely. But, despite precautions, cervine competitions - sport not for the faint-hearted.

Once all life of the northern people depended on an annual route of migration of deer. Sami tried to tame these animals. However to this day deer remain half-civilized. Their natural enemies are bears, wolves and lynxes. They cause huge damage to herds.

The only defender of a deer - people. In the winter and in the summer Sami rescue deer from predators, help weak and lagged behind. Deer do not walk in itself. They - someone`s property. A tag on an ear - as the passport for the rest of life. Today life and death of Sami does not depend on deer, but still the property right to deer is held sacred.

the Sami without deer even today not the Sami. Deer - life, beliefs and history of these people. People and deer thousands of years wandered across northern Scandinavia. On deer transported load, ate their meat, and from skins sewed clothes and built houses. Today ancient symbiosis of an animal and the person is under the threat. It`s not just that traditionally the person aspires to more comfortable living conditions which nomadic life is not able to provide. You cannot make an omelet without breaking eggs, the logging companies limit freedom of movement of nomads.

Sami have a legend of ancient shamans. These exorcists and doctors had mysterious force. Was considered that their team and sledge could fly. Shamans told people about everything that occurs in the world, and carried gifts. And when snow was too deep, they had to get to the dwelling through a flue. Very few people know the Lappish legends, but children of the whole world are convinced - Santa - Claus comes to them from Lapland.

However, our Father Frost not absolutely Santa - Claus. At us own pride despite similar lines of two characters. Therefore there lives our white-bearded grandfather not in far Lapland and where - or is closer. That in which passport cancelled the stamp allowing departure out of borders of native Belarus only recently was proved in Bialowieza Forest. But it already another story altogether.]