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How secret and public lives of the academician Keldysh were combined?

Name Chief designer we recognized the academician Korolyov only after his death in 1966. The name of the academician Keldysh was known by all at his life. He was known as the scientific mathematician, the mechanic, cybernetics, the organizer of production of the first Soviet COMPUTERS. He was a member of many foreign academies, the president of Academy of Sciences of the USSR. Did not know only that it also is absolutely secret Chief theorist . As he lived such double life ?

Mstislav Vsevolodovich Keldysh was born on February 10, 1911. In 16 years graduated from school, in 20 - mathematical office of the physicist - mathematical faculty of MSU. Went to work in the Central aero hydrodynamic institute of N. E. Zhukovskogo. Already there his life begins to fork - Keldysh is engaged not only actual theoretical researches in the field of mathematics, but also solves practical problems of aircraft construction.

The area of scientific researches of M. V. Keldysh in 30 - x was made years by regional problems of the ordinary equations, the theory of conformal displays. The important results connected with resolvability and stability of the solution of a task of Dirikhle, with Carleman and Neumann`s tasks are received. The big cycle of works of Keldysh is devoted to fluctuations and self-oscillations of separate designs of planes. In them the theory of a flutter (vibrations of a wing of the plane) was developed, methods of numerical calculation of this phenomenon and its modeling in wind tunnels are created and practical measures of fight against it are proposed. Keldysh also studied the shimma phenomenon (self-excited fluctuations of a nasal wheel of the chassis of the plane) and simple constructive solutions for its elimination are found.

In 40 - x years before defensive branch there was a need of the most difficult mathematical calculations. They were demanded by the developed nuclear weapon and is rocket - space equipment. Keldysh heads works on creation of large COMPUTERS and the software for them. At the same time, as the theorist, finds solutions of the elliptic equations degenerating on area border for the first time finds correct statements of regional tasks, depending on nature of degeneration. Receives important results in the field of the theory of functions complex variable and its annexes to hydrodynamics. For the first time proves completeness of system of own and attached functions for not self-conjugate operators with private derivatives. It solved a task about uniform approach of functions in the closed area polynomials and the task about approximation on average is studied.

And with 1946 Keldysh together with Korolyov and Kurchatov directs creation of all is rocket - a nuclear complex. At the same time conducts development of theoretical prerequisites of a conclusion of artificial bodies to Earth orbits, and further - flights to the Moon and planets of Solar system. Investigates mechanics of space flight and the theory of management, navigation and heat exchange.

In 1961 M. V. Keldysh headed Academy of Sciences. This period of its scientific and public and state work is in detail described and widely known.

Not only a part of the life, but also circumstances of death of Keldysh were shrouded in secret. He died on June 24, 1978 in own garage at the dacha of poisoning with exhaust gases. Many who well knew Keldysh, knew about the deepest depression which captured him then and consider that he voluntarily died. It is unlikely the skilled motorist what was Keldysh, would start the car engine, without having opened a collar of garage. Moreover in the middle of summer. The official version - accident.

Mstislav Vsevolodovich Keldysh is buried at Red Square in the Kremlin wall. ]