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What good life begins with?

At whom character is ordered,

at that and life is arranged well .

So, it is better to analyze all events and acts daily ? Why? Here several reasons for this purpose:

1. During the day, being in different places, we make a set of mistakes. We simply do not notice their most part or we do not consider for mistakes, and already got used to some, got used to them. Shouted at the child, forgot to turn off the light, once again took offense at the neigbour, or perhaps and gloated that at her the battery leaks... the list can be continued. So what? And that all these trifles collect and freight of negative experience lay down on us. And if to compare each mistake to a grain of sand, then big vital freight which turns over time, in " will be gathered; stone in the bosom .


of People loses the former abilities, cannot make what easily worked well earlier, wears out quicker and... grows old. One grow old earlier, others later. Many connect early emergence of wrinkles on the face, gray hairs with experiences and stresses. But not all know that this process it is possible if not to turn back (though also it is possible), then to suspend, slow down. It is noticed that the people who are constantly working on change of the character to the best grow old more slowly.

2. Some think that the dream is just rest during which we stay idle. But researches show that in a dream the brain works, and sometimes is not less active, than in reality. In a dream occurs translation of information .

Information on our acts, bad and good, written down in cells of a brain in a day, turns into experience of the personality. Habits, dependences are so formed. Our character is so built up. And if before going to bed to process this information? To carry out the analysis, to see what it would not be desirable to have in experience and to reconsider, that is, mentally it is correct to simulate a situation.

It is also necessary to make the sincere decision to correct this situation, and then it is possible to fall asleep with quiet conscience. If the analysis is carried out correctly, then it is possible to tell with confidence that we will fall asleep with smaller superfluous heavy baggage . And then during a dream not mistakes, but the necessary information and useful skills will turn into experience.


it is easier for b to remember Today, than yesterday`s or what was a week ago. Therefore it is correct to sort all situations in time and to find mistakes without delay . But it is easy only if you try to see that it is made incorrectly, but not to philosophize concerning mistakes in whole .

4. our Today`s problems - reflection of our today`s mistakes to a large extent, than what we made earlier.

5. Daily correction of mistakes increases self-checking. Having begun with evening reflections, we gradually study attentiveness to the affairs, words, thoughts during the day. And it means - we become stronger, steadier in difficulties, we break less and we worry. If in the head the order and sensible thoughts, then are easier to make the correct decisions. Means, the high probability to arrive unmistakably. In it there is also a purpose of work on itself.

It is much easier to blame Last acts, than to correct .