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Mata Hari: proper name or nominal?

Actually - both that, and another.

Mata Hari as a common noun, means an alloy of sexuality, cunning, beauty, resourcefulness, a business grasp and refinement. It is applied only in relation to ladies. The last accept it as a compliment. Anyhow? Mata Hari - a name of the woman fatally beautiful and seductively dangerous.

The few remember today that behind an exotic name there is quite real person. Margareta Gertrude Zelle (Margaretha Geertruida Zelle) - in girlhood, Margarita MacLeod (Maguerite MacLeod) - in a transient marriage, Mata Hari (Mata Hari - Dawn Eye ) - at the peak of scenic glory, also known as the double agent H 21 at the time of World War I.

In eighteen years Margareta Zelle to herself chose the husband, looking through columns of marriage announcements in local newspapers. In twenty six, there is a lot of naputeshestvovavshis on the colonial East, the spouse left. And in twenty nine, having got an official divorce, located in Paris and began career of the exotic dancer.

Brilliant glory Mata Hari came to it to thirty eight, having put a set of ardent hearts and hard wallets of the most influential men of that time to legs. In forty the onabyla is involved in espionage game of allies and, for decent remuneration, agreed to work for secret services of Germany and France. In forty one Mata Hari, she is an agent of N 21, it was convicted of double espionage, it is arrested, attracted to tribunal and shot by French.

Surprisingly, but the scenic success of the dancer was based, almost, from scratch. According to contemporaries, she also was not able to dance - that plainly. But possessed the unusual east appearance which got in inheritance from mother (the Javanese woman) and the high growth inherited from the father - the Scandinavian.

Margareta Zelle filled lack of dancing skills with natural grace. Moved with such sensuality that men on representations lost the heads, and women - men.

Mata Hari was to public in an image of east princess, temple dancer and woman of easy virtue of a cult Shiva. In erotic dance she removed from herself magnificent translucent attires, remaining only in the massive gold jewelry which is not hiding nakedness.

It is necessary to tell that Europe of that time endured the real oriental boom and showed keen interest in culture and religion of east countries. However not it attracted the audience first of all. The public went to take a look at a striptease, the phenomenon for that era new and too successfully fitted into a craze a modernism.

Plus, of course, promoted success a little clever public relations in influential circles to promote the " brand; Mata Hari on the market. Several important communications to open doors of elegant capital salons of Europe. Almost total absence of the competition (Zelle in eroticism her only contemporary - Isadora Duncan baring a breast during performances could compete to Margareta).

Interests Mata Hari were only indirectly crossed with interests of the states resisting each other in the military conflict of that time. Money and a possibility of free movement across Europe - here, actually, and all reasons for which it gave a thoughtless consent on espionage at first to the German, and then and French secret services.

Some biographic sources are mentioned, however, mad love Mata Hari to the Russian officer by the name of Vadim de Masloff (Vadim de Masloff). There is a version that not for the sake of money, and for this love Margareta also accepted the French offer. On a twist of fate France brought it soon charge of double espionage, sent for a lattice and, only several months later, executed.

Here too did not do without romantic fog. It is known that Mata Hari met death more than adequately. Was on execution in a coat and a hat, kept it is proud, refused a black bandage on eyes and even sent an air-kiss to soldiers. It is rumored that one second prior to a gun volley it, besides, opened a coat, having last time shown the world the nakedness.

The certain arrangement on pseudo-execution imprisoned between one of aficionados Mata Hari and prison administration could serve as the reason of such theatrical behavior. Had to give to soldiers blank cartridges, and Margarete Zelle it was necessary only to dramatize own death. Perhaps, the similar arrangement really existed. Here only cartridges were the presents.

So the woman`s life by the name of Margareta Zelle broke. Mata Hari, as well as it is necessary to the woman of easy virtue, found immortality and a possibility of uncountable terrestrial reincarnations.]