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How the French classic of the Russian classic played also what from this left?

Prosper Merimee (1803-1870) as, undoubtedly, readers know, - the famous French writer, the member of the French academy. Thanks to Bizet, the short story " became his most known work; Carmen . Is at it and other excellent works which, I think, all read. And who did not read, that can envy: this pleasure still is necessary to it. Short stories - one another is better.

But Merimee also as the literary mystifier is known. he wrote to

In 1825 several drama plays and published them under the title Klara Gasul`s Theatre (Th é â tre de Clara Gazul), declaring in the preface that these plays are translated to them from Spanish and belong to a feather of the unknown actress of the wandering troupe; her portrait, that is M.`s portrait in a women`s dress was even attached to some copies. Critics proclaimed in the influential then " magazine; Globe that in the person of the author Th é â tre de Clara Gazul in France Shakespeare`s son appeared. (Wikipedia). the Second mystification was more serious than

. It was the collection of folk art of the western Slavs under the name Guzla (in this name our ear feels, of course, similarity to the word psaltery ) . Merimee pretended to be just the author of the collection of the songs which are allegedly written down by it in 1816: the pier, was in Dalmatia and Illyria, met the gusla player Iakinf Maglanovich and from it heard songs and verses of the Balkan Slavs, wrote down and translated into French.

Actually Merimee admitted then that composed all Guzlu itself also thought up Iakinf Maglanovich, having attributed him rather rough biography.

gathered the Necessary information about the western Slavs, a set of names and Merimee`s names simply in the guide ( Voyage en Dalmatie Bern, 1778), and also used notes of the French consul in Banya - Onions (some Serbian words were provided there).

All were bought: the literary world did not doubt for a minute. The German scientist Gergard (I think, it was Berngard Gerngross`s ancestor) wrote on the basis Guzla scientific work about an Illyrian national verse. The Polish classic Adam Mickiewicz translated the ballad Morlak in Venice . But the most interesting to us - Pushkin included in the Songs of the western Slavs processing of eleven poems Guzla . When Pushkin worked on the introduction, he wrote to Merimee who was considered as a translator Guzla . Merimee unexpectedly confessed to a fake. Justifying oneself before Pushkin, he wrote that it had no money and plots were not too because the Balkan Slavs - a subject then very fashionable and commercial only turned up, it at once also grabbed. Send to Pushkin my apologies I am proud and ashamed at the same time that carried out it .

Pushkin was not that person to conceal the evil or long to be upset - he remembered that not one got, and for the company with Adam Mickiewicz and Wilhelm Gergardt, and has fun, and placed Merimee`s letter in the " edition; Songs as preface. And songs Guzla all the same it were pleasant to it - in - the first, Pushkin loved " too; local color and in - the second, Guzla very much Gothic - in primitive value of this word, that is terrible, gloomy and with attraction of otherworldly forces. Vampires, vampires, ghosts, plots, surroundings of ancient times, images of severe soldiers and artful enemies, the ruined girls and the risen dead persons - as are a gothic style.

But Pushkin besides there was not that person that seriously and up to the end to like such nonsense. Therefore among it Songs there is also it, do not doubt, known for all:


Trusovat was Vanya poor:

of Times it a late time,

All in sweat, for fear pale,

Chrez a cemetery went home.

Poor Vanya hardly breathes,

Stumbling, slightly goes

On graves; suddenly he hears,

Someone a bone, grumbling, gnaws.

Vanya became; - cannot step.

My God! the poor thinks,

Is truly bones the Krasnoguby vampire gnaws


Grief! small I am not strong;

the ghoul Will eat me absolutely, If itself the earth of sepulchral

Ya with a prayer I do not eat


What? instead of the vampire -

(You present Vanya rage!)

In the dark before it the dog

On a grave gnaws a bone.]