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Who was called king Russian romance?

In Moscow on the Area of stars at the Concert hall of Russia among the known names of performers shine also Vadim Kozin`s star.

One year prior to death of the famous singer in Magadan widely marked out him 90 - summer anniversary (date of birth is, however, incorrect, but it also did not live up to the present). From Moscow there arrived the representative delegation of artists. In the same time about Vadim Alekseevich shot movies, made passes on television, interviewed local and central newspapers it. Looked at it with adoration and delight. Nobody believed that it - that Kozin for these years was already managed to be buried in oblivion.

In this low person with sad eyes it was difficult to recognize the marvelous performer of romances My fire in fog shines When a simple and gentle look you caress me, my friend Fall, sad morning Gate Liouba - Lyubushka . The angelic voice of Kozin, appear, got into the most intimate corners of soul, caused tender feelings. Once its songs constantly sounded on radio, in concert halls and on dance floors. Contemporaries remembered, that Kozin was accompanied everywhere by notices. Behind plates turns were built. In order to avoid a disorder it was necessary to connect even horse militia .

Admirers met Vadim Alekseevich after concerts, wrote letters. He received more than ten thousand messages of gratitude and love for the life. All repeated: Ah, ah, Kozin, same it is healthy! Kozin - it is remarkable! It is size!

A his thin lips hardly considerably shivered. He was originally people`s artist. The person - an era Actually Vadim Alekseevich was born

on March 21 on old style (and on new - on April 3) 1905, in St. Petersburg, in a family of the singer, Gipsy by origin, Vera Ilyinskaya and the merchant son Alexey Kozin. The boy was a firstborn. Then Vadim had four more sisters. Since the birth it was shipped in the world of music and singing. Mother, having married, ceased to act, but continued communication with actors. Having become already star platforms, Vadim Kozin sometimes in a circle of friends told about the childhood: Here the father`s steps are heard. He smiles, picks up me on hands, sits down near mother. It takes a guitar and sadly touches strings. Then begins to sing. Such quiet evenings were a rarity in the house. Mostly noise and fun from a great number of guests reigned in the apartment. Actors, poets, Roma came. Sometimes there was an incomparable singer Anastasia Vyaltseva, the well-known baritone Yury Morfessi . Somehow he seated Vadim to himself on knees and asked to sing something. Then with pleasure told: Here our change " grows;

Musical career of the son did not include in the plans of a family Kozinykh.

But life introduced the amendments. Revolution left a family almost without means of support. In 1928 the father dies, and Vadim becomes the supporter of numerous family. He works as the loader, the billposter of posters, the ballroom pianist at movie theaters, acts with group of actors in People`s House. He sang then much, tirelessly. In each concert without intensifying equipment executed up to forty songs.

A lot of things change moving to Moscow in Vadim Alekseevich`s life.

begins it " From now on; star take-off. Tours on the country, new platforms of theaters, concert halls. It meets performers of songs, composers famous at that time.

From the beginning of the Great Patriotic War Vadim Alekseevich participates in concerts of front crews, sings in hospitals, appears before fighters on stages which are hammered together hastily.

Vadim Kozin`s life always was difficult. She as if tested it for durability.

In May, 1944 Vadim Alekseevich was arrested and condemned for eight years ispravitelno - labor camps.

of Versions for what the singer was deprived of freedom, a little. There is a legend that the singer refused to compose the song about favourite leader of all people - Stalin, what directly told Beria about. Said that Kozin was blackmailed, forced to write denunciations of the fellow workers, and then him cleaned as undesirable witness. Other researchers of his creativity considered that the singer himself fell a victim of a denunciation.

Kozin was open for communication by the person but who is already spoiled by glory, living in the world of music, passions and illusions. He was not an ascetic in private life, than differed from many colleagues a little. Dina Klimova, his fan who spent near it the last years of his life gives the conversation with the singer in memoirs: We spoke about love much. I asked it whether he loved somebody? He answered me so: No, did not love anybody, but lived as all. And loved only that image which I sang . Here I think: why we so perceive his singing? Possibly, in its songs big energy of love with which he sang this image - unclaimed love " is put;.

In a year of an early release of a hand issued to Vadim Kozin the reference in management of camps where entry in the column under what article it is condemned no.

So far in Kozin still glimmered hope for changes in life of which he did not think without songs. the release it accepts

as a godsend. He triumphally acts through towns and villages Siberia and Volga. As each talented person, had at Vadim Alekseevich also numerous envious persons, ill-wishers and competitors. Did not forgive it him silver a voice, lyrical melodies and suddenly the revived popularity.

I here it, one more swallow . Arrival to Moscow in 1956. The first and last concert after release on a capital scene. In the capital said that offered it several concerts in the Central house of railroad workers, but Kozin did not agree. He dreamed of the Columned hall where he once shone before war. Having been refused, resolutely went to Magadan.

Rumours and gossips about the singer followed it on to heels .

For the second time it got to prison in 1959. When was released, lodged, now forever, in Magadan where everything is painfully familiar. He understands that he is given his career up as a bad job, addressed to is imposed taboo . But Vadim Alekseevich is not broken. Nobody can take away from it songs. He continues to play music, compose new songs, to act at the enterprises. Works as the librarian, collects books. After music of the book become his second passion. Sometimes to Vadim Alekseevich suggested to act in local theater that to rescue plan. And Kozin sang. As always, penetrating, with soul, voice which his admirers called divine echo .

Over the years the old age crept. In 1973 Kozin gave the last concert in Magadan.

Reprinting of its plates was officially forbidden. And once, during war they were issued with a mark: Is not subject to Melting .

He, sometimes, both is quick-tempered, and is closed, experiences material difficulties, but they do not frighten him. People go and go to it, to its one-room apartment, wishing to meet the interesting interlocutor, to listen to singing unique nightingale . Sometimes from the continent sent to Kozin parcels. Most valuable to the old man were messages with onions, garlic and drugs.

The chairman of executive committee of Magadan Gennady Efimovich Dorofeyev, Dina Klimova remembers, held 13 meetings to open musical salon in the city. He proved to all members of executive committee that the salon should be opened while Vadim Kozin is living.

Musical salon works as the memorial museum of Vadim Kozin now. In salon unique photos, posters, personal belongings of the singer. There is a red grand piano which was so loved by Vadim Alekseevich. He received it to 90 - to the anniversary from native St. Petersburg.

There was no Vadim Kozin in December, 1994.

Stood a hard frost. He was followed by all city to the grave.]