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At what plant the biggest flower in the world?

Are a plant it was revealed in 1878 in Indonesia, more precisely, on the western coast of the island of Sumatra, the Italian botanist Orlando Bekkeri. In the shadow of trees, it grows in the island woods and now. However in tropical areas southern and Hugo - east Asia, Africa and Australia about 100 more of his versions grow. In the people this mysterious plant nicknamed a cadaveric flower, a snake palm tree, a lily to Wood

It is about an unusual rare plant from Aroidnye`s family - to Amorfofallusa (Amorphophallus). He treats plants - efemeroida and carries out the most part of year in the sleeping state, slowly consuming nutrients from a tuber, having saved up them for the short vegetative period.

Amorfofallus huge (Amorphophallus Titanum) growing in nature is the biggest and badly the smelling flower in the world. Height of its leaf reaches 3 - 5 meters, and the weight of a tuber reaches 25 - 35 kg. The scape of a leaf reminds a trunk, and a huge sheet plate - palm tree krone. A leaf it is difficult - rassechenny, length of each segment can reach 2 meters. Most registered sizes: scape 5 meters high, tuber with a diameter of 0,5 meters and weighing 40 kg. Of course, the plant reaches the maximum sizes not for couple of seasons, and for several years. And only after accumulation of enough nutrients in a tuber amorfofallus it is ready to blossoming.

It blossoms time in three years (on different sources of times in 5 - 10 years) a huge flower for several days. Liszt does not grow up from a tuber at this time, one flower appears. Flower height with each subsequent blossoming increases and reaches about 2 meters (the record - 2,6 m is registered), and its weight can reach 100 kg. From the earth there is a spotty pedicel which is gradually increasing in sizes in the beginning. On it the inflorescence in the form of an ear from pistillate and man`s flowers covered is formed it is red - a brown cape - a cover.

The cover goffered in the top part also closes itself the lower part of an ear on which there are pistillate flowers. Above man`s flowers settle down (about 5000!) and the most top part of an ear sterile. During blossoming the sterile top heats up to 40 C, exhaling the well-known disgusting aroma reminding a smell of rotten meat or the decayed fish on which insects are flown (in the nature - generally manure bugs) at this time and pollinate a flower.

After pollination the huge flower begins to fade almost in the eyes. The cover is wrinkled, the top part of an ear withers and falls. On a low tsvetonos there is only a part with the pollinated pistillate flowers. On it from the formed ovaries fleshy red berries develop. After a while after formation of fruits the leaf appears. Amorfofallus huge grow up in botanical gardens in some countries, and the mass of tourists and locals are going to look at its unusual blossoming.

Amorfofallus is very decorative not only during blossoming. Spotty thick scape and openwork it is difficult - the rassechenny leaf stretched in the form of an umbrella, steadily draw attention and cause genuine delight. Some of its versions can be grown up successfully in room conditions.]