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What man is chosen by the woman of average years? Reflections over the best-seller.

In my reader`s history not one novel noted by critics and noticed by readers. But it Imaginations of the woman of average years . So intriguingly And there was this book in my life unusually strange. I never corresponded on the Internet. And here The man - the phantom (there is no photo, I am surprised to myself that glanced on its page), which is interested in psychology and reads love stories. In the first lines of its questionnaire at once that Anatoly Toss`s book cannot be ignored.

At once question: average years - it, how many? And there are no times a concrete mention of age, perhaps, it is already time for me. It is surprising how the author so just beat all familiar: middle-aged woman . It would seem, the woman of average years can have an experience, worldly wisdom more likely disappointment. And here - I Read imaginations to

and I do not dare to glance in the end. Imaginations of the heroine are her dreams, reminiscence of three men loving it and loved by it.

Only near the elect the heroine blossoms and reveals, but eventually she is attracted by novel, there is a need to define the limit, to measure depth of love of which it is capable itself and which can sustain and take out. And it is whom to follow also what studies to. Both the woman, and her men of a neistova in the feelings, is that and leads to sincere concern of all characters of the novel sooner or later, pushes them on unexpected acts, and the heroine at some moment gets to clinic for the insane. What is necessary for rest to sick soul? According to other writer, many knowledge - it is magnificent! Many grieves - a proportional payment!

The heroine gradually finds tranquility. The tranquility allows to reconsider all the life and the relations with those who were near it. Magic is that the former hero appears the new elect. And as if it changed appearance, habits, its choice is defined by his endless love to it, only. And she, without knowing about its transformations, without realizing why, itself chooses again and again the one with whom she fell in love once. And he complains about change of darling though he tempts her; recognizes himself won love, but as a result it appears the winner. The man says that it in their relations rose above and then escaped, and actually without its participation there would be no such rise of the heroine also.

Love of a mnogomern, the novel is multilayered. In it strange and strange stories - paragraphs - parables. All of them about time. The heroine comprehends the past, reading the book. What it filled with the life what devoted time to: to career, men? Life passed, having terminated in the tragedy, or presented several lessons?

Readers are women and readers - men will find, in my opinion, in the book necessary for themselves. Women - the embodied dream about only for the rest of life the knight, men - about the unique Great Lady.

Hooked on a lot of things in the book: both plot, and plug-in short stories, and unexpected end. And especially still strange last phrase bewitched and haunts: I leave you the future, my love Here that remarkably! Likely, we also choose such men which invite for themselves, leaving at the same time the infinite future. Near them time loses the frightening importance, turning into the convention which is thought up by someone.

Love and be loved!]