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How to join the alpine skiing movement in Dombai? Teapot notes. Part 1

A everything began with the fact that New Year`s vacation too dragged on. Prospect all ten days to press a sofa opposite to the TV did not inspire therefore when acquaintances suggested to go with them to Dombai for three days, to go skiing, we agreed with pleasure!

The offer seemed very tempting, in the winter in Dombai none of us were, and skiing from the mountain is in general something ultraboundary. Not the fear of mountain skiing (because we knew nothing about it) rather not only it frightened off and guarded. Material expenses - here the important moment in what we had an opportunity more than once to be convinced later. But thirst of new impressions overcame mercantile reasons, and we began to gather at way.

So what to take with itself in mountains? A dry ration yes warm things, probably, there it is cold. Surely sunglasses! Abandoned in a bag all woolen yes x/: sweaters, socks, scarfs, mittens. We, of course, have no special alpine skiing equipment. And from where to it to undertake?! On the way stopped by in a supermarket, stocked up on products. And.... - forward! We are waited by fascinating travel! Everything turned out so spontaneously that hardly managed to warn relatives about the departure.

When ahead of you waits for something novel, but by definition pleasant, the road is transferred easily and not tiresomely. The foreign car flies silently and softly, plays favourite radio. Cool! Twirled by the heads on the parties while was light-. When darkened, just stupidly looked forward, guessing - aha! - it is already Karachayevsk, and it - begins Teberda. The road of a zapetlyal between the mountains which are strewn lightly with snow there were pines, trees in snow (we when left, had no snow). Soon, soon Dombai! Acquaintances say that it strongly changed, especially in the last two years.

Validly it so, to unrecognizability, especially, if to compare to children`s impressions when came with school excursion here. But all the same, by the sizes Dombai did not change, and it is natural, everything is limited to mountains. At night at once fires of neon advertizing on structures, badly distinguishable in the dark, but defined as hotels or, maybe, cottages, new shops which here, really it appeared, to put it mildly, in enough were evident.

And still struck abundance of the cars parked everywhere where it is possible and where it is impossible. They everything were strewn lightly with a snowball, and some and just slept in snowdrifts. And not just cars... There was an impression that the road to Dombai is so difficult and thorny (almost like in the song - the road and everywhere deception " is difficult;) that it is possible to reach only on jeeps of the leading global manufacturers here.

Housing, namely the two-room apartment in the five-storey building, was ordered previously, and long without straying, we found it. The friendly hostess met us at a threshold, showed everything, told everything, wished good night and pleasant rest, and, having explained where she can be found in case of need, left.

Better and there is nothing to wish - of course the apartment more convenient than hotel! Purity is ideal, heat, two rooms, in everyone on the TV, furniture, perfectly picked up library (on a case of a snow blockage, perhaps?) a wide kitchen with all necessary equipment, a bathroom, always hot water. And, above all - behind plastic windows the freshest Dombai mountain air! Well still it is necessary for the person for happiness? Here and we so decided that, perhaps, more nothing is necessary.

However, notes which our hostess left in the most unexpected places puzzled a little. On leaflets of paper there was various useful information handwritten - In kitchen not to smoke Not to open This window On a wash basin not to lean the elbows Here there are only three " programs; (it near the TV), and on the gas stove - To Press and turn to the left . But, having thought, the hostess can be understood. If you leased the favourite apartment where everything is made with own hands, to some unknown alpine skiing barbarians, you would refrain from writing such preduprezhdayushche - prohibition signs? - and it.

Having taken a shower after the journey, sat down to have supper. At us with itself was... We ourselves had all products, even with a stock. Rest, as if, already began... And talk went for a table corresponding, absolutely discharged of everyday, wordly life too. Of course, we were interested and disturbed most of all by tomorrow - as well as what? But our acquaintances who regularly come during the whole season on the days off here or just in short-term holiday, explained to us

Having run skiers as bulk of vacationers, it is always observed exactly here here on such holidays which can be added on to days off that small holiday turned out. For New Year, as a rule, here in general there is no place to park the car, and all housing is reserved for many days ahead. And near elevators of a ropeway long turns till some hours are formed. Due to the increased popularity, transport in Dombai is not started up, suggesting to leave it on the parking, in couple of kilometers from the settlement. Local minibuses will help to overcome the rest of a way to you with pleasure. Naturally, too it is not free.

Proceeding from practical reasons, was decided to rise a bit earlier (well, that is, absolutely a bit earlier) to manage to rise upward even before raising of bulk of riding. And to come back when all just rise upward. It turns out about one o`clock in the afternoon, till this time we have to ride long enough already in plenty, have dinner and come back, tired, but happy. All this strategy was developed with the purpose to avoid long tiresome standing in turn near a kanatok, and both upward, and down. Running forward, it is necessary to tell that such mode was repaid. Having offered hour of a morning dream, we without any problems and without crush rose and fell on a ropeway, without spoiling the nerves and mood which we formed there, above, and which needed to be kept and to deliver carefully down, and with them to live to the next day, going after a new portion of a positive.

It was fallen down uneasily, despite an open window leaf at night. All the time it seemed that we will oversleep and we will not hear an alarm clock. However nobody was late anywhere and overslept. Having had breakfast and having put on more warmly, we closed the apartment and on the crackling snowball went to the elevator. Everything went according to the plan, and at eight o`clock in the morning we already slid in the car with the same enthusiasts of alpine skiing business. However, at this time days a half of passengers were locals; probably, it were workers of cafes and instructors - mountain skiers. Instructors were courageous also zagorela, and representatives of trade and services industry carried upward with themselves boxes and bags with products. Our car silently slid over snow-covered trees which now were more small lodges which were seen far below. And around there were mountains. Tops of mountains (or peaks?) were already lit with the first beams of the Sun still invisible to us and though their most part was in a shadow, it was already possible to consider both languages of glaciers, and dangerously steep rocky slopes. Greatness. Beauty. Rest. Eternity... Here such words occurred while we rose above and above... Distracted only habitual chatter of tourists from these sublime thoughts on a subject as it they managed to paint green paint of a top of the cut-off fir-trees under a ropeway?

Nearby, is slightly more left, to and fro nice cars of a modern ropeway " quickly scurried about; Yugoslavs brought into operation rather recently. The new road favourably differs from former in the comfortableness and speed.

Having reached the second level, we together with all smartly passed to the following elevator to continue the movement upward. Here, having shown the known skill, it was necessary to contrive and flop on the wooden seat suspended to a rope. For some reason every time at this procedure to me the chain roundabout from the childhood was remembered. Chairs are dual, on two persons, but if necessary it is possible to transport though a box with beer though a bag with products. To come off a chair it is necessary to get skilled at too, but already next day stay in Dombai these movements are remembered and reproduced mechanically. Besides workers of a kanatka are always ready to secure you.

So, here we and on the place! And where here at you ski?

However, all one after another ]