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What to present to a favourite Sagittarius on St. Valentine`s Day? Well, and to other signs...

So, sentimental holiday on a nose . Let`s not go deep into history and to analyze from where all this went as to us came and why so well got accustomed. Let`s remember only one - lovers each other give gifts. What in this case advises a horoscope? As usual, I will begin with myself, darling.

Sagittarius. these archers to the gifts made by the hands are Very not indifferent. For example, if the girl presents to the boyfriend the sweater connected at the sleepless nights by the light of a night lamp that will be glad for certain. From things gloves, brelka will be suitable for keys or a powder box more simply. All this for some reason at Sagittariuses is quickly lost therefore need for similar things a constant.

But if you wish that the gift was remembered for a long time, you give a thing with value or a hint. Choosing a reason for a hint, be careful. These Sagittariuses, as if not " are sensitive; to step on a callosity .

Goat. do not pay attention to restraint when receiving a gift by them. Lie, lie! Love gifts, only show no sign. Present something practical, but not vital. What the Capricorn, most likely, will not begin to spend money for. For example, new phone, portfolio, handbag. In spite of the fact that many Capricorns consider a holiday as a hindrance to work, the gift will please them and will allow to remember that in life to everything there has to be a place.

Aquarius. For Aquarius communication already in itself a gift. Therefore you should not be limited to phone call or express delivery. They like to talk not less, than original bagatelles. Not such, as at all. Especially it is not necessary to be spent. But also you should not buy a card in the next newsstand too.

Fishes. Love depth. From a gift wait for something special. Specifically and do not know what. Not to be trapped, pay more attention to a situation in which you will communicate. The good thing has not enough, it is necessary to create a romantic situation. The gift is important, but the mood of darling is even more important (or darling).

Aries. you give to Arieses with all the heart. The more disorders, the are more valuable a gift. Everything that is associated with the movement will be pleasant. Something prompt, sports, for the car or the motorcycle.

Taurus. Unlike Arieses and Aquarius to Tauruses not enough strong embraces and hot kisses. It is required to add something more essential to them. So to speak, material confirmation of love. The modest gold ringlet will be very useful. Or beautiful expensive bottle with overseas drink.

Twins. are Always glad to small surprises, like the book or theater tickets. Handing, do not forget to tell a heap of tendernesses and just pleasant things.

Cancer. not the gift, but attention Is important. You god to forget Upas about a holiday. Cancer will take offense and will count forgetfulness as indifference. Women will like lovely ladies` trifles - spirits, jewelry, linen. To men - cuff links, pins for a tie, after shave balm.

Lion. How many you told Lions of words about love, will not be much. Attach a bright bouquet to words. A gift let small, but with taste and originally packed.

Maiden. Maidens love and appreciate attention signs, but do not advertize the emotions. Excess expenditure can even grumble a little falsely supposedly to what. It is game. But your attention has to be sincere, the falseness will be easily exposed. As a gift books or trifles, useful on a desktop, like a wireless mouse well look.

Scales. Surely flowers. Graceful suvenirchik are welcomed too. But everything has to be extremely romantic. You carry Scales on hands and do not hesitate to repeat every minute how you love them.

Scorpion. should decorate the Holiday with the rough passion and madnesses made for love. Scorpions love gifts which long and well remain, constantly reminding of friendship and love. For example, soft toys or products from glass, porcelain, crystal.

We will sum up the result. The main gifts this day - warm tenderness, love and kisses. You love and be happy.]