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How it is better to relax? Part 1.

U of everyone the answer to this question. One prefer to use alcohol for this purpose, others roll in front of the TV screen with the panel in hands, the third try to have a rest, having settled in front of the monitor and having plunged into boundless open spaces of a global web … Ways to relax, much is thought up today. The problem is that many of them harmful affect on health.

Really it is possible to relax also without noticeable damage to himself. Today practically all heard something about relaxation methods, but not many apply them. Meanwhile it is not difficult to relax with advantage for an organism. It will not involve too big costs of time too.

Imagine the squeezed spring. She can serve as a symbol of the person whom a vice of stresses daily influences. Gradually the spring contracts more and stronger until, at last, begins to release the potential energy. And negative impact will press from the outside on the person until he does not learn it to digest and to reflect.

Now we will apply nonconventional methods of training of a relaxation. The matter is that various techniques and recommendations - clones on relaxation collected much and to choose from them the most suitable not always easily. Besides, if to suggest you to take seat in a convenient chair now, to accept a comfortable pose and to relax, many will just turn to these recommendations a deaf ear and will continue strained to fix the eyes the monitor and to hold the slave - a mouse in captivity of own hand.

Therefore we will go some other way. Now I will ask you that you … strained the left ear (!) . Be not frightened. Has to warn that first can not turn out. There is nothing terrible in it. The main thing - to try. Try to make so that your person did not strain. Does not follow, having gritted teeth, to convince itself that it is impossible and it is senseless. Remember that the ear, and exclusively left has to be intense only.

If significant progress in this task did not manage to be reached, then you can go on simpler way. Strain a tip of own nose. Try! I will repeat: not all nose as it turns out at the majority but only its very best termination. For this purpose concentrate on it. Strenuously think of it (strange sounds, isn`t that so: to think of a tip of own nose?) .

When you will reach tension in that part of a body about which conceived (in our case an ear or a nose, only choose something one, the place where you manage to keep tension best of all), try to hold it. In other words, you sit with an intense ear (or a nose tip, depending on your choice). Try to keep tension longer. At least, until you read up this article up to the end.

And at this time I will tell you about sense of this strained procedures. The matter is that we so strongly got used that our body - bundle of nerves what is simply not capable to be noticed that it is in constant to captivity of stressful tension, special clips who live everywhere, even on a face. When you try to concentrate long time attention to parts of a body which is in the state opposite to slackness, and then stop straining, it will give you the following pluses:

1. Will easier enter a condition of slackness.

2. It is easier to find and eliminate unnecessary tension.

You translated your tip of a nose or an ear after long tension in natural state when suddenly sharply ceased to strain it. A certain feeling of freedom in this site of your body is also original relaxation. To feel it, we had to pass into a polar condition of constraint and intensity.

Today, just straining and relaxing a nose and an ear, you mastered an important lesson in relaxation art. Doctor Dzhekobson invented it last century, but we gave to results of his researches a little unusual form today. Next time I will tell you about how from relaxation of separate parts of a body to pass to full relaxation of an organism. For now be discharged of cares, relax (as you can) and try to feel heat in own body.