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Whether it is easy to be the street musician?

the Turn - a consequence of a heat and festive mood - was built at the next booth. Fun for the sake of began to sing collective songs, someone turned a cap in my hand and coins fell down. In 20 minutes we earned on ice cream for all our company.

To the middle of summer I and my friend decided to try to be engaged in it professionally . There was a good reason: the girlfriend, a year later after the termination of our HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION, wanted to come to theatrical school and as that year in our city gathered puppeteers she decided to arrive in Novosibirsk. Respectively, finance was required.

Our duet consisted of a guitar (that was played more simply by me, because as great Okudzhava spoke, his creativity began with game on three chords, and I knew them a little) and from a violin (my friend - the professional musician). We rehearsed several songs with a violin, and - started up them on the conveyor.

It is worth paying attention and to our repertoire because, maybe, from - for it monetary this work it did not appear. But for us, students, of course, it was quite good. It is a little fans of the bard song, especially female directions. And we sang Z. Yashchenko`s songs ( White Guard ) E. Frolova, V. Dolina, B. Okudzhava, Yu. Vizbor, A. Yakusheva, M. Tariverdiev, A. Dolsky and some other (all I will not remember), including from the category of a student`s pedotryadovsky song of unknown authors. Refusing flatly to execute demanded To Murk all of us - came to a conclusion that the repertoire should be diversified. Therefore there were children`s cheerful songs and well-known You at dawn will wake me Alexey Rybnikov which scolded listeners most of all that affected increase of ours salaries .

The positive moment in work of freelancers is an opportunity to sleep. But for similar activity the most important - well chosen place. We began performances at the same booth where grateful listeners were, generally shop assistants of pet-shop who, having propped up cheeks hands, sighed on window sills over maiden sufferings of lyrical heroines of the sung songs. Tried to move within several days to different points of the downtown: in one was dangerously after 6 in the evening (the walking youth sometimes violently reacted), in others it is noisy from - for repair of roads and from - for dissatisfied workers state. establishments, in the third there was a competition which softly us showed the door. Stopped near artists - sellers of own pictures to which the local poet who heard us invited, something is frequent with these artists noting.

Thus, we had a workplace and at the same time roof in the person of artists, protecting from many passing absurdities. Imagine: the guitar, a violin drunk voices, sincere lyrical songs at legs an open case from a violin as a cap, a ring of coins Unless it is not romantic? Is what to remember. And we exchanged earnings in nearby little shop that was mutually favorable.

By the way, about earnings. Sometimes it was really good, but as far as I remember, 2 or 3 times for the entire period works . Generally it that was enough for the road to the house, and to postpone a little for a lunch. As a result, when the girlfriend added to the received sum from a salary after dismissal (it worked at department), was enough for return tickets and for the minimum possibility of residence in others city. The trip came to the end successfully, receipt in theatrical school took place. Not for nothing tried.

Though experience and small, it allows to draw some conclusions:

this type of earnings the fast demanding only ability of game on the tool, the tool and the minimum musical abilities;

as in any frilansersky work on you does not have the chief;

for performances needs to find the suitable place, rather crowded, safe and without competitors;

in spite of the fact that this work seems idle time, it demands certain efforts: complicated whole day to reap on metal strings and it being necessary to execute a set of suitable songs;

earnings depend on repertoire, on artistry of execution, and on accidents and surprises;

positive and negative you receive from listeners almost in equal quantities;

does not manage to develop in the musical plan especially because weight needs popular melodies in which they therein and were trained;

it is difficult to forget, is what to tell descendants.

Later I learned that our adventure a stritovaniye is called (from English street - the street). On city streets, after our adventures, more the fans who are loudly representing the creativity began to appear. It is hard to say what affected it.

Only songs, the most popular, many times executed by us, lost the charm. More at house concerts they did not sound. Whether the abandon with which you sing favourite songs to them disappeared, whether wore out them completely, and any more there was no pleasure from the verses and melodies shaking once. And still there is no wish to execute most our main, the anthem of a stritovaniye, White Guard with words:

give to

for the sake of Christ well though broken groshik