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How quickly to become the highly paid expert? Let`s present

that you have no higher education, to you long ago not 25 and the last entry in your service record is made 6,5 years ago.

Nevertheless, you go to interviews where offer the highest salary. You think, the fairy tale? Nothing similar, quite so business also is, for example, at me.

That it for magic specialty? It is ability to sell.

In the first working day (when I without experience of sales was accepted for a trial period the sales representative), I was given a price, showed in what district of the city it is possible to work, and told to follow applications. The client base needed to be gathered independently.

In a price there were several sheets A4 where the small print printed names of products, some in English so I did not even know how it is said. When I was asked whether everything is clear, I nodded and quicker left. The thought of what should go to be sold horrified me, I thought that nothing will turn out, I will be fired soon and therefore did not ask excess questions.

I approached the first shop, but was afraid to come inside. I went around shop of minutes 20, but did not take courage. I did not know what to tell. It seemed to me that at them and it is so full in shop of products. I was afraid that I will be asked about those foreign names.

Generally, me it became easier when I left from this shop far away. I came into the following shop, saw sellers, presented that it is necessary to begin somehow conversation, and at me dried up in a throat. And here still buyers came, and I fast went to an exit.

Yes, I will not earn money with such rates, and the salary depends on sales volumes. In the third shop I dared to tell from what I firms, and stretched a price. I was told that nothing is necessary. I left shop all red.

I had no forces to go still somewhere. In the evening I arrived to office, children told that I was not upset, all so begin. It was very a shame to me that they came with applications, and I with anything. The next day at me again nothing turned out.

But in two weeks I had already more than 50 clients. Once I considered myself incapable of sales, but now I know that it is easy to master this business. I learned to rejoice to communication with different people.

If sometime there come hard times, just be engaged in sales. What will give you ability to sell?

In - the first, in labor market this skill is demanded always and everywhere. You will be able to choose, where to work in what direction, and it is easy to pass into other branch.

In - the second if you are interested in career development, experience of personal sellings will be for you huge plus. I know several directors of the large companies which began ordinary sales representatives in our city.

In - the third, the good companies can even prefer you to candidates with several educations and give you chance to grow, having closed eyes to lack at you of diplomas and administrative experience. Such cases are known to me. Ability to sell and personal enthusiasm are capable to work wonders.

When I took the first steps on sales, I was very much helped by Frank Bettdzher`s book Yesterday the loser, today - the successful businessman . This book - about the person who appeared on a life roadside, but managed to rise to the level of the most successful experts in the branch.

Frank was a professional athlete, was traumatized and did not know what to do, holding debts and the wife with the small child. Its book is read on one breath it is filled with enthusiasm and confidence.

Enthusiasm - one of the highest paid qualities - who told, I do not remember, but it was someone from great people. Ability to sell is a skill which goes hand in hand with enthusiasm. So, you receive double advantage.

And still learn to investigate the market, to analyze a competitive situation, you will master elements of planning, motivation of personnel, a merchandising, advertizing and accounting in practice. Generally, in a couple of years before you the set of roads will be open.

And it is possible to begin with reading the book of Frank Bettdzher. Because Frank passed this way successfully, at it is to what to learn.]