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Than the root crop similar on " can help us; hostess of year - mouse? We generally remember

a radish late fall and in the winter.

Though in the people also exists a saying: Bothered worse than a bitter radish nevertheless it should be noted that often its bitterness can help us from many diseases.

The root crop of a white or black radish is applied to the medical purposes. Traditional medicine long since used juice or a grated radish for treatment of catarrhal diseases, malaria, purulent wounds, an anemia, at cough, muscle and joints pains.

For treatment of an anemia there was such recipe. To take equally juice of a radish, beet and carrots. To pour in a dark large bottle, to cover it with the test, to cork leaky and to put for 3 hours in an oven. To store in the dark room. To accept on one tablespoon before food within 2 - 3 months.

The radish stimulates appetite, stimulates release of gastric juice, improves digestion, is used as a prophylactic against atherosclerosis, is useful at cholecystitis, at an inflammation and cirrhosis.

As the prophylactic for the prevention of formation of stones in a gall bladder and kidneys, for prevention of atherosclerosis is useful to accept radish juice with honey. To mix the juice received from the juice extractor with equal amount of honey. To begin reception with a half-glass in day, bringing this quantity to two glasses a day. To accept not less than 10 days.

At cough and bronchitis at children apply juice of a baked radish with sugar. To cut a radish in small cubes, to put in a pan and to sugar. The furnace in an oven within two hours. To filter, throw out radish pieces, and to merge liquid in a bottle. To drink on the 2nd teaspoons 3 - 4 times a day before food and for the night before going to bed.

In the oseena - the winter season fraught with frequent diseases of the top airways, a radish with honey - the invaluable and irreplaceable assistant. Possessing not only antimicrobic, but also immunomodulatory action, mix helps at the most various diseases - from whooping cough and bronchitis to tuberculosis.

The radish with honey is used also at stones in kidneys and a bladder, gout, liver diseases, a meteorizm and in complex treatment of malignant tumors. Drink from a radish with honey possesses antiparasitic action, strengthens a lactation. Thanks to the unique medicinal and nutritious properties it is useful not only feeding, but also to pregnant women.

Two most widespread recipes for catarrhal and chronic cough:

1. To cut out deepening in a radish, to fill with honey, to cover with a radish piece. To insist 4 hours, to merge juice. To accept on 1 tablespoon 3 times a day.

2. To slice a crude radish very thin (6 - 8 pieces). To strew each slice with granulated sugar. To accept the appeared sweet juice on a tablespoon each hour. This means cures the heaviest cough in a short space of time.

By what medical nature of a radish is explained?

contains In its root crops 88,8% of water, 1,9% of proteins, 7% of carbohydrates, vitamins of group B, PP, C, carotene, enzymes, the purinovy bases, lizotsy. From mineral substances the radish is rich with sulfur, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron and especially potassium.

The radish is also a dietary product.

But is also contraindications. The radish is contraindicated to people with pancreas diseases, at nephrite and diseases is warm - vascular system.

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