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Rice dishes. How to make a tasty lunch?

Ten thousand types of rice! And we know only at most ten This cereal came to Russia in the 15th century though in Hugo - East Asia as the food crop him was cultivated more than 7 thousand years ago.

Now it is even difficult to imagine a table without pilaf or rice porridge. Habitual dishes. Each hostess has the recipe. The people were convinced of advantage of rice grain long ago. It is possible to get rid of so many stomach diseases by means of razvaristy porridge from white rice! And rice broth perfectly stops diarrhea and clears intestines. The mass of vitamins and minerals does this culture irreplaceable for food of adults and children.

What rice the most useful? Scientists claim that brown. Unusual color is reached due to processing - there is a part of an otrubny cover which contains a huge number of minerals and vitamins necessary to an organism.

From rice prepare grain and starch, popped rice and sake, rice wine and sushi. And still pilaf, risotto, porridges, stuffed cabbage, add to salads and do desserts. Hundreds and thousands of recipes in different kitchens of the world.

Today I cooked for meatless Pilaf .

Washed out long-grain white rice and filled in with boiled water. Also fried one large bulb of a poshinkoval on vegetable oil. There added fresh carrots, grated on a large grater. Fried. Put rice in the same frying pan, added the washed-out raisin and dried apricots. Salted. Peppered. Added a zira. Filled in with water. Closed a cover. It is impossible to stir such vegetarian pilaf! In 20 minutes it is ready. It is an excellent garnish for fish or meat. But I love it as an independent dish. Easily and very tasty.

If instead of raisin and dried apricots to add the fried mushrooms - pilaf with mushrooms will turn out. Pilaf - it, of course, is loudly told. At the real pilaf the laws and rules of preparation. Never was in Central Asia, but tasted the real Uzbek pilaf on a visit at the cook - the Uzbek. It something tremendous! Each risinka shines oil. You will lick fingers in full sense of this phrase. There is a lot of secrets of preparation of the real pilaf - at everyone the. Pilaf deserves separate article and, maybe, she will be born. Only I will extort all secrets from the real master. For now the practices, the experience.

Classical risotto.

we cut a bulb Again and we fry it on vegetable oil - better on olive. 200 g of rice are washed out and, stirring slowly, we fry in the same frying pan to transparency. We pour in 100 ml of white dry wine and 100 ml of vegetable broth in a frying pan and we allow to protomitsya to rice until all liquid is evaporated. Usually it is 20 - 30 minutes. But! Broth needs to be added constantly that rice did not prizharitsya. We salt and pepper, we add favourite spices - a zira, a curry, caraway seeds and greens. We disturb constantly that grains of rice bulked up. At the end we add the frozen green peas or corn from banks. Or siliculose haricot. It is possible to add grated cheese. If you cook jasmine rice risotto - receive also a fragrant dish with pleasant smack which can be felt only in a warm or hot look. That is why jasmine rice is not used in salads. Cold it loses the aroma.

Rice pancake cake.

In two glasses of warmish milk to dissolve 50 g of fresh yeast, to add three tablespoons of the wheat sifted flour and to knead dough. To cover a pan with a towel and to allow this support to approach. At this time in the coffee grinder rice grain is turned into rice flour. We it need two glasses - it is slightly more than two glasses of grain. Everything depends on a rice grade. Opara approached. We add to it three yolks which are previously ground with salt (pinch) and three tablespoons of sugar. Also we add 4 tablespoons of butter and two glasses of freshly cooked rice flour to a support. We knead dough and slowly we add milk.

To beat three egg whites the mixer with one glass of heavy cream and also to mix into dough. All mixed and left it to approach. Dough liquid - on pancakes. Bubbles went - it is ready. It is time to bake. Here it is necessary to work a little. Unlike classical pancakes, these it is necessary to bake in an oven. We pour out pancake on the frying pan oiled, from above we fill a layer of grated cheese and we send to an oven. Are concerned quickly - watch! It is not necessary to overturn. Also all others are baked. When you take out pancake from a frying pan - shift it to a warm plate and oil. Already each following pancake. Then, when all pile will be baked, from above - oil and once again cheese, and all pile for several minutes in an oven that it stuck together. Pancake cake which needs to be cut and served as the real cake will turn out. It is very tasty! And it is unusual. It is a lot of fuss, but result tremendous!

" salad; Playful tuna .

Amusing name. Probably, it was thought up in good mood. But tasty - the fact! The boiled cooled rice it is necessary one or two glasses - depending on the number of participants of a feast. Keep in mind that rice boils soft several times! It is possible to take usual, white rice, but it will be more interesting to look in salad in combination with wild, black. Or brown. Salad will be better and more tasty if you weld rice in advance, the day before, and he will spend night in the refrigerator. Then rice becomes more tasty, nasyshchenny. A tuna from banks it is necessary to crush and mix together with juice with the cooled rice.

4 - 5 red ripe " tomatoes; undress small crush and mix with different spices - a dried or fresh basil, red and black pepper, dried ginger, hop - sunel. Let`s be drawn to this tomato bouquet. While this mix ripens - two - rub three boiled eggs on a large grater. Now mix all ingredients - the tuna has to be very playful. Dress with either mayonnaise, or olive oil with wine vinegar. Only do not go too far! And that absolutely will get naughty a small fish, only already in a stomach.

Rice in itself - a fine garnish to any dish. I love it with soy sauce. It at me always on a table. Kikkoman. Soy sauce number one in the world. Only then rice has to be unsalted - sauce in itself generous!

Store rice in the dry and dark place. Rees does not love bright light. Weld rice, put it in the refrigerator and as required add to it everything that you have. Vegetables, fruit, meat, sauces. It is useful and is tasty! Healthy to you life!]